Not exactly a Motrized Bike, But not a mini-bike

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  1. MadPatt

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    At this point, I'm building a OHV motorized bike-like contraption.... Well a Post Apocalyptic version of one...

    Well I better explain... I want something that I can ride at Wasteland Weekend (a post Apocalyptic (Mad Max style ) event in Southern California each September) I found a snowblower at a Thrift store for $20.00 with a 5 hp engine that works... so I figured I'd make a mini-bike (luckily I can sorta weld)... but mini-bikes mostly use small wheels, and I already have a bunch of bike parts that I could re-use (Mt. bike tires, the head tubes (after some grinding) etc...)) So it wouldn't exactly be a mini-bike... But it wouldn't be pedal powered, motor assisted bike either.....And it will look like something kinda Mad Maxish......

    So...Why am I here ? Well looking at some of the threads, there is a lot of information that I will need for my build. And Information is always important, no matter how weird a project....

  2. butre

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    post photos when it comes around.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Yes. Definitely post photos.

    Are 26 inch bicycle wheels going to be strong enough for the use you're going to put them to?
  4. MadPatt

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    Are 26 inch bicycle wheels going to be strong enough for the use you're going to put them to?
    I hope so....I'm not planning on doing jumps or anything, just putting around at Wasteland.
    I've started bending the tubing for the frame, I'll post a picture soon, if everyone will forgive the messy garage....

    When I've modified bikes before, I've just "eyeballed" cutting out the joints, but for this frame I don't have as much wiggle-room, so I'm going to use Blender and Pepakura (3D graphics and an "unfolding" program) to make a pattern for the joints.

    I'll post more as I progress....
  5. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Yup! Definitely post your progress. It sounds like an interesting build.
  6. MadPatt

    MadPatt New Member

    I have some of the frame bent but it's just C-clamped together for now. I wanted get an idea of what it will kinda look like. The top of the frame will be more horizontal, I just left extra metal at the ends for when I cut-out and fit everything together. There will also be more bracing as I progress. I also made the cutting patterns for where the tubing fits the head tube, but those are on the other computer...(so I'll post those latter.)
    I also cut down the front forks, but they aren't welded together yet....The wheels look weird because they are just leaning against the front of the frame.

  7. chainmaker

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    You should check out website, you could probably find so.e ideas there that would fit in at that event.