Not happy with kings motor bikes .com

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    My name is richard moutrey jr. I am from chicago ,,but none live in okeechobee florida for the last 14 years. I ride a mountian bike 26inch ,i got an 80cc grubee motor on it. I love to work on small motors, i hav been doing things like this for 35 years. I have played drums since the age of 8. I love to fish!!!!! Any way enough a bout me. I purchased my motor from kings motor bikes .com these people do not stand behind their product at all!!!!! I have had nothing but problems with my motor since i got it. Stripped nuts an bolts,broken chain bad gas milage ,,top speed 22 miles an hour! What a joke!!!!beware!!!! Do not waste your money on this company,bad news folks!!!!!! In short ,,hey do not answer your calls, or e mails . P.s. Spread the word to the good people that work for a living , thank you .... And god bless , good day.