NOT just any schwinn chopper!

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    Ok, ive tried uploadin' pics in the gallery but it keeps screwing up so ill just use the old one here but any ways, here is the chopper build, its kinda like a schwinn stingray chopper frame but its more curvey adn bigger too! but right now im just getting it to move then ill worry about paint because as you can see its got some surface rust, but the rear wheel is from a yamaha rs100 street bike because the orginal wheel wouldnt stop me worth $***. But im going to cut the bottom tube and wel don a 1/4" thick plate and mount a honda clone w/ electric start and battery, then ill see where it takes me from there! Tell me what you think so far!After i finish this bike and sell it im going to buy a kikker hard knock bobber! cant wait!

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  2. mechanicojoe

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    oh ya, there are some pics of when it was in toronto with us and how it was before i started taking it apart
  3. stude13

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    i like your work. the rear wheel and brake are done well. a sportster peanut tank would look real nice.
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    thanks, yeah the rear wheel and brake will work good, im still looking for a tank so im still open for suggestions!
  5. Kiwi

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    Check out old harley tanks. Love the bike. Take a look at the exhaust on my schwinn, it would look VERY nice on that bike