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    Hi All,
    I would love to get into motorized bicycling, but i am not really looking for a project. I'd really like to buy a compete motorized bike (4 stroke) that I can just start using. Something that I can choose to pedal or motor. Any companies to recommend?

  2. LR Jerry

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    Here are important questions to consider when building for yourself or others:

    1) What is the predominant riding terrain?
    2) What type of physique does the primary rider have?
    3) What will the rider's local laws allow and require them to have?
    (Lookup and personally read these laws.)
    4) What kind of bike is being motorized?
    5) What is the bike to be used for?
    6) How much of a budget is to be used for the build?

    Seek the answers to these questions in order to get the most out of the bike you're building. We're here to help with any questions you may have. Good luck with your build.

    Even though you're not building still consider these questions when buying. Try they'll custom build for you.
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