not making a motored bike, but i think you guys can help.

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    no i'm not building a motored bike, but i am using a motored bike engine, i plan to buy a "happy time" engine as you call them. i will be changing the gearing from what most these kits use, and to get it right i need to know what the internal gear reduction is on the standard happy time engine, i can guess its about 4:1 but i can't be sure. i hope someone can help! thanks!

    p.s. if your curious, i'm building this,
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  2. BiMoPed

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    The ratio is 4.1 to 1

    20 tooth to 82 tooth
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    so its 4.1:1, thanks a bunch!
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    Looks like a low cost alternative to the Yike Bike. That should be a blast to ride in the mud.
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