not new at all, just checking back in.

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    hey ya'll! first, let me say how impressed i am at how much this forum has progressed since i was a moddy wayyyyy back when. at one time, i had 3 bikes. the original, my 70's murray 10 speed with the 2 stroke kit, then my new stingray, and finally a fail of a bike. what i assume to be the "beta" version of the 4 stroke. i bought it right when it first came out and cooked 3 grubee gen 2 gearboxes in a matter of about 10 miles.

    i still have most of that engine kit, somewhere.

    right now im down to the original, the murray.

    heres a pic of the day i sold the stingray. if you look closely at the gastank, its still sporting the bumper stickers.


    anyway, i was thinking of getting back on the murray, and possibly turn it into something else... maybe a full suspension mountain bike... only problem with that is id need a jackshaft. any idea if someone is still making a kit for that?

    thanks alot guys!

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    welcome back
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    I have 5 of them, I ride them too. 4 are 2 Stroke. There too much fun to ride.