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Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by bryant, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. bryant

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    This happened about 2 hours ago. My garage door was wide open and my mountain bike with a Dax 80cc engine was sitting up in front of the garage with a great side view to anyone passing by. I am on a cul de sac and really didn't think anyone would bother it. Being an old man I was taking a little power nap for about 30 minutes. When I went out to the garage after the nap the bike was laying on its side with the back wheel out in the driveway and the front wheel rotated all the way around and the front was just at the edge of the garage. I think they just grabbed it to run but the clutch was engaged and it wouldn roll so they lifted the back out and somehow got the front wheel turned all the way around. It wasn't stolen but the attempt was made and maybe me and anyone else can see how easy it is if you give the opportunity to these theives. Anyway I decide to take it for a ride to be sure all was ok. It looked ok but you never know. It rode just fine so when I decided to turn around and head for home the front wheel caught between the curb and the pavement (crack was covered by leaves and not visable). It just stopped with me going out to the side and forward. I was able to think oh s... this is going to hurt. Well it did hurt a lot. Ribs and shin. After hurting for awhile I got it up and the old gal was still ok with no damage. I got on it and got home ok but sure do hurt. I decided that this just wasn't my day so I am in the house with the blinds down and don't intend to get out anymore today. Tom

  2. machiasmort

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    Sure hope you heal up fast! Be careful you didn't hurt something internally!
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    On occasions i've found sometimes the best way to handle things is to lock the world out & have a little sleep.
    Object lesson for us all....just cos your in familiar territory doesn't mean u can let your guard down for a sec when it comes to theft.........thiefs relish overly trusting ppl.
    Glad your not hurt too bad Tom,were never to old to learn.
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  4. bryant

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    Thanks, The hurt isn't so bad now unless I move. Wife is rideing a.. for me to get xrays but I don't think anything is busted. I guess what bothers me the most is the fact that I probably wouldn't have taken a ride today if those theiving b....... hadn't tried to steal my bike. How's that for blaming someone else for my accident? Of course that could happen anytime. Lesson learned for me on the stealing attempt is to keep the garage door down unless I am there and the other lesson is to not ride into something covered with leaves unless you know what is there. Tom
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    A good reminder on both counts.

    We might also hope that the thief, one day, gets his hand caught between the chain and sprocket. Especially if it's a bike he actually paid for.

    Thieves deserve something like this. Worse, for that matter. Don't they think?
  6. bryant

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    Amen. Tom
  7. Ethan F. Curtis

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    Thieves dont know what they are taking when they try to take them, by how u speak about your bike you like it alot, to them it would of been somethin mess around on for a few hours till they broke it, It could of also knocked some people confidence bein robbed never mind falling off it too. Id stay in for a few days :jester:
  8. Turtle Tedd

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    Take it easy for a while and heal up...and give them another chance ..tape a bunch of razor blades under your seat and place bike so they will have to turn it around to get it out of the garage..they will always lift it up by the seat.
  9. Ethan F. Curtis

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    How do you know all this have you tried this before and has it really worked? :idea:
  10. Esteban

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    Glad you weren't badly hurt. Remember, people are stealing anything they can in today's drug-filled society. I had a one gallon gas can stolen from my fenced in back yard !
    Keep garage door shut, car/home doors locked, & everything protected well. The thieves will then steal from someone else.
  11. Ethan F. Curtis

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    or find away to get another way to get into your high secured house, i dnt think thieves should be under estimated thats why they do so well because people think, no they wouldnt..... or they couldnt possibly..... but guess what they do!
  12. chefdouglas

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    A dog is a great security system. I read recently that homes with a dog any size are broken into half as much as homes without. More homes with electronic systems get broken into than homes with dogs. know mine will let me know if any one is in the drive way.

    Any way glad to hear your ok from your spill.
  13. arkives1

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    not quite stolen

    You're right about dogs. Best alarm system there is. I had a friend who had his electronically alarmed garage broken into twice, they managed to disable the alarm. He put a pet door in the service door of the garage and a pet door on his back door. The next time the thieves broke in they were greeted by a trio of Dobermans who held them cornered in the garage til the police came. I used to have a 110lb Rottweiller (died of old age) despite a rash of burglaries all around me, my house stayed untouched. They knew the dog was there of course, probably the thief lived nearby.
  14. Turtle Tedd

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    E. Curtis..booby traps /razor blades...of course it goes without saying very care full..think, think, think,..children, relitives, decent neighbors
  15. Tanaka40

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    I agree with Chefdouglas, Dogs are great burglar alarms. Chihauhas with their keen hearing, terriers with a sixth sense and of course a loyal german sheperd to take a bite out of crime. I had a Fox terrier that made me a $150 bucks when a tagging crew (graffitti spraying fools) tried to tag my garage door and my dog woudn't shut up so when I found that no good fool tagging my property, one quick 911 call and the local cops caught not only the guy who tagged my stuff but all the young fools with him too. (paint handed !!! LOL)