not running right, throttle wont move

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  1. madvette

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    hello everyone, i just bought a 80cc bike kit from deamon bikes. needless to say the directions were absoultly pathetic. i eventually was able to solve multipul mounting and chain problems. now my situation is that i drove the bike, it started, ran like **** puttering all the way at like 12 mph. it would stall out with no attempt to idle. thinking there was a throttle problem i tried to tweek it at the top of the carb. that was a bad idea because now the throttle is stuck and has no give or movement on the handle. i took the carb off but cant get the cable out of it to look inside.
    does anyone know what i should do from here. thanks

  2. Hajuu

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    Hm that doesnt seem likely to be the problem at all.

    Since you're just starting out with it, there is so many things it could be. Let's start at the beginning.

    1. Have you tried adjusting your choke?

    2. Is your chain *tight*?

    3. Have you adjusted the idle screw on the carb?

    4. How exactly did you try to tweak it at the top of the carb?

    5. What fuel ratio are you using?

    You shouldn't really need to adjust your throttle as far as im concerned, atleast not unless something is pretty wrong.. It's more of a performance thing.
  3. GearNut

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    Is the little guide pin inside the carburetor slide bore properly aligned with the slot that goes all the way down one side of the throttle slide?
  4. AussieSteve

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    What GearNut said. If the slide is inserted without the pin aligned correctly, the slide will jam, causing the symptom you described.
    The slide should come out with a bit of a pull on the cable. (Unscrew the carb top cap first, of course.)
    Then re-insert the slide, aligned correctly.

    If that's not the problem, then you might have got a bit of grit into the slide bore, which can also jam the slide.

    Regarding the 'puttering at 12mph', is your choke off? (Up=on and Down=off)

    ... Steve
  5. Al.Fisherman

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    The throttle not responding could be due to a few things.. Some mentioned above
    1) Cable in throttle handle not installed correctly.
    2) Crimp in the housing making it hard for the cable to move,
    3) Top of carb is or was too tight and crushed the sleeve that the piston rides through,
    4) As mentioned the piston is not lined up correctly. There is a guide pin in the carb cylinder and the beveled section of the piston has to be lined up with the idle screw.
    I had a #3 problem. Removed carb, and the piston from the cylinder (you may need to put some AZZ behind in pulling it out) make sure the idle adjustment is backed out first, and I had to sand the piston as to ride in the cylinder smoothly.
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  6. motorpsycho

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    I'll bet 99 out of 100 that the slot in the carb. slide is not aligned with the pin in the carb. MANY people mis-align the throttle slide, and have the exact same problem.
    do not adjust the idle by adjusting the cable at the top of the carb. If the cable is too tight, it can pull the cable and open the throttle when you turn corners.
    always use the idle screw on the side of the carb to set the idle.
  7. hellhammer

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    Does the top of the pin go on top of the slotted washer or below it?
  8. AussieSteve

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    That's not the pin we were talking about. You're referring to the slide needle.
    The slide needle, complete with 'C' clip, go into the slide first, followed by the 'C' washer.
    Then, the spring sits on top of the 'C' washer to hold the needle in place.

    The pin we were referring to is in the carb body, on the RHS of the slide bore. The groove in the slide must align with this pin or the slide will jam.
  9. hellbilly

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    If you look on Spooky Tooth's website, you will find some pretty detailed assembly instructions with pictures of the carb assembly. This helped me alot. Check it out! Peace.
  10. AussieSteve

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    There's also a couple of links to more carb info on this site in this post.
  11. hellhammer

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    Thanks! You guys rule!