not shure what the problem is

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    bought a sd stinger motorized bike about 6 months ago. been running great unill yesterday. the bike was running rich so i leaned out the jet needle one notch. after i completed that i went to fire it up. when it started the bike was stuck at WOT. so after turning the bike off, i changed the needle settings back to the original postition. after doing this the bike wouldnt start at all. i went to check the spark plug and i found i had no spark. so i bought a new plug and still no spark. does anyone know how to solve my problem. it would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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    sounds like two diff problems - when bike is way too rich, sometimes the idle screw is turned almost all the way in just to get an idle, moving the needle leaner will then give a way too fast idle which means the screw needs turning down a lot

    the no spark thing may be that in working on it, you've gotten a loose connection somewhere, or you're just not seeing the spark - if you're pretty sure you have no spark, hold plug in hand & hand against motor while you roll bike forward - this will let you feel a spark that you can't see

    from there, you would check wires and use a meter to check mag coil (search this forum for detailed instructions)
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    During the first needle adjustment you might have got your slide in wrong, so it stuck up high. Ask me how I learned this.. ;) Dropping the needle one notch won't cause it to go WOT, something must have gotten stuck.
    On to the not running part- I agree with Mr Crassius-
    Check the connections to and resistance of your mag coil. Your neutral trip to redline might have vibrated a wire off or burned the little hair fine wires the black and blue wires are soldered to. They die from time to time. I need to get a spare myself.
    Edit: Sometimes the spark lead isn't making good contact with the tip of the plug, too. With the kind I have you can hear an audible click when it snaps down on the plug right. If you don't it can cause spark problems.

    Good luck!
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  4. rlup19

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    definitly dont have spark put my finger right on the plug tip and nothing. the wires seem fine but i dont have a mag coil so im not shure how to check that
  5. Slogger

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    What kind of engine we talking about- is it a chinese 2 stroke HT?
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    its a sd stinger 2stroke 66cc
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    You have a mag coil, then. It's under the front left side cover. Check under there that the black and blue wire are still connected and that the coil hasn't gone "open", meaning its internal winding is broken. There are detailed instructions already written up, a search should turn up everything you need to know to check it out.
    Good luck!