not so easy to do a burnout with these



idk y thay run like beasts but hardly have any power to put to the back wheel. but anyways i got a question i was rideing my bike yesterday and it kinda feels like it dose not want to move very good idk it may be i did not run it for about a week it ran ok after about 5 minutes feels like it is getting not enough gas idk? and also my back sprocket the bolts were loose after i rode it yesterday and i just got done fixing the bike up dose anyone know y the sprocket would just come loose like that?
vibration.....everything on your bike could loosen up at any time....keep some wrenches handy. check things often.
your power issue sounds to me.....after 5 minutes it runs better? Ya gotta let it warm up some. And....if it's a brand new engine, you need to break it in. don't hold the throttle in the same position ...1/4 throttle for a bit, then 1/2. don't expect it to fly right outta the box. it'll get better with some time.

ya every time i reve it abit the gas tank always turns sideways i put rubber strips inbetween and locktite the bilts and it still dose it i just got off my bike just not it runs awsome . and ive put about 100 miles on the motor how long is break in period?
Maybe the sprocket is loose from doing burnouts?

Check the tightness and condition of your intake gasket as well, they don't seem to be very hardy.
well thats the problem i cant do a burn out and i aint trying anymore id rather have this bike last