not sure yet but thinking of selling gebe pf-3300 with treck 820 hartdtail...

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by adam61387, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. adam61387

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    love my kit .. and my little tanaka is not even broken in all the way yet ..butt cant shake the erge to build another one do you think there would be any takers for the mb as a whole .... post or pm me for details

  2. I would be very interested to buy your bike and kit,or just the kit by itself....Get back to me right away becouse I plan on ordering a kit tomorrow or the next day....
  3. adam61387

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    thank you for your interest !!

    i would sell you the bike as a whole for $650.00.... over 1,000 into it to date . always willing to post pictures although my cameras quality is lacking. the kit alone including the tanaka pf-3300 450.00 plus shipping and handling ill throw in a custom sun fender cut and drilled to fit in the same whole as the gebe lower mount strap nut and affective rear fender for a 26 inch wheel . this is a rough estimate i need to ensure i have the bare minimum for my next build . if you are actually interested i will continue my research and fine tune my estimate as well as calculate shipping costs and things of that nature ...

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  4. I would definately like to see some pics....It would be much easier to ship if it was just the kit its self with the rear rim....How much would you take for just the kit?What kind of bike is it?Is the rim a heavy duty 12 gauge rim or the rim they sell at GEBE?

    You can call me at 817 559 4553
  5. adam61387

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    i have concluded i would have to sell the kit for 450 to 500 dollars to keep myself on the road .. its a trek 820 hardtail 21 speed with rst 76mm travel front suspension with one bontrager mtn bike tire and one kenda cross street tire in the rear for extra belt clearance and less resistance , it has an avenir classic comfort cruiser seat with dual springs and other things i dont have the time to note.

    off to work
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    No picture no sale LOL
  7. For 150 bucks I can get a brand new kit....Your asking to much for this kit,if you go down on the price I would consider it....