Notes left on your ride?!??!!???!!! when your inside an establishment.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Bonefish, Jun 27, 2010.

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    What feels good is when you come out to your motorbike and you get a note that is left from a person that has interest in making one while your inside an establishment.

    They didn't stop you on the street and hammer you with a bunch of questions, but rather just took the time, got a piece of paper, and pen and wrote a note and left it on your bike.

    It feels good to get compliments this way and helps get thru the fustration of getting your build the way you like it.

    Here is one of the notes I got on my bike today. Check pict. attachments. It is not the first note I have gotten left on my bike. If you have had a similar experience or uncanny experience that helps keep you moving forward on your projects, please post.


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    Awwww. It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling!

    I hope that they find us on this forum!
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    Ok, You have me curious. Water Pump, cool tank.....Could you please post a pic of your bike?
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    Some MB riders will hand out business cards with this URL when people ask them questions in the road.
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