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    I'm new to this cool site but not new to the game. I know at least 35 of the 45 yrs. that i've been around has had some sort of motor involvement. Cox went into planes,Briggs were bolted up to the go cart.etc all led up to builds like at 14yo doing my first ground up resto on my '65 honda dream with it's 250cc twin cyl. single carb engine. So today as a sm engine mech. and fabricator it's nothing out of the norm to see a MB with a tuned pipe reworked and tweeked that was designed for a blata hypo water-cooled 2-stroke, or a re-jetted Walbro or DellOrto 1412L carb that now meshes up nicely to your brand new Star Fire motor like a finely syncro'd pinion and spur gear during break-in. Point being is that we need to see more builds being done while thinking outside the box. Don't get stuck rollin' around town like the plethora of outta the cardboard box bolt togethers that are out there. I started SoCalPsycles which is just a few close guys and gal friends that build and ride together with like minded passion for being unique! Keep Safety in mind when you ride,.,.,.Always! Have A Great Day,.,,,.of riding! Cya, StukNCali ,.,.:evilgrin::annoyed:p'S Chaos if your needin' some!

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    Hi Stu, welcome to MotoredBikes!