Noticed something insidious (legality issue)

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    Yesterday my daughter and I took a ride uptown for a pop. On the way we passed some skateboarding kids. As we passed one of them (only about 10 or 11 yrs old) was yelling at us (kinda furiously) "That's an illegal bike! You need a license for that!"
    When we stopped I mentioned this to my daughter and she said, "Yeah, there's a rumor running around the school that I'm riding an illegal bike."
    Now maybe this "rumor" is just a bit of whispering, rather than the big issue of the day. But, all the same, these are just kids. I wouldn't even expect them to wonder about the legal issue. I suspect that they are hearing this "illegal" business from grown-ups.
    It's a shame; but we have to face the fact that we are gonna get some grief over riding out of nothing other than jealousy.

  2. Scottm

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    My first guess would be that some of them had pocket bikes and were racing them up and down the blocks. Watauga just passed an ordinance against them since the kids don't wear helmets and parents don't supervise. I was behind a kid the other day who didn't have mirrors and never looked back and was riding the center line in the street swerveing back and forth like NASCAR drivers warming up their tires.
    They didn't play right with their toys and had them taken away. Jealousy like you said. Our bikes are a lot taller and have a higher profile. That kid on the pocket bike was lower than the window on a corvette, an easy obstalce for autos to overlook.
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    one kid sees, the other kid wants....and ...

    I am sure those kids want one. And their parents just tell them , they are illegal. End of conversation, you are not getting one. Because Dad is all thumbs and can not build.. But..Instead of telling the kid that, they just tell them they are illegal. That ends it for that kid. lol. I am sure that is the largest part of it.
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    No advice here, just quotes of some Illinois laws. There may be other laws that are applicable as well.

  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Thanks Houghmade,

    In a way, though, it only confused me further. There was one statute involving the Secretary of State issuing registrations to vehicles including motorized pedalcycles. That would seem to include happy times. But when I checked the Sec/State website (a while back) I got the definite impression that these did not fall under the moped category. Do you suppose that "pedalcycle" and "moped" are the same in the case of statutes like these? That would be good.

    Anyway, I'll have another look at the Sec/State website. And if anything seems noteworthy, I'll report back.
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    Note - since the purview of this discussion falls under MB Legislation, that's where I moved it...
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    I would check with a real person with the state and see what they say. However, the issue may not have come up enough that they have any experience with it.
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    Who else can teach our children if not grownups?

    One of these is true... either they were caught on a pocket rocket or GoPed and one of 'em was told by the police that it's not street legal, or the situation of the dad with all thumbs had to make up a story to tell his children.

    But... that kid shouting at you was prolly telling the truth since it seems you do have to register it. If you go strictly by the word, you're riding illegal bikes. But most judges, cops, or police chiefs would understand motorized bicycles shouldn't be regulated if a regular bicycle isn't. A cop could always write you a ticket, but he prolly wouldn't... he'd hopefully at least give you a warning first. Even still, registering only isn't too bad. I'd go ahead and do it, so that I could set the rumors straight.
  9. bluegoatwoods

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    I wouldn't mind registering them at all. But I am afraid of finding myself in the spot where one authority is telling me "It must be registered" and another is telling me "It can't be done".

    Oh well, I guess I'll just cruise along and keep a low profile. It sounds like a lot of people have gotten along for years doing that. And the local police know me and my family. Known us for years now. And now they know us as a motorized family, and it doesn't seem to bother them. And it doesn't seem to bother my neighbors or others; they're mostly admiring. I'm a little worried that some busy-body will start lobbying the village board of trustees for a ban. (Tsk, Tsk. There oughta be a law against those THINGS!!!)

    Now I've got to figure out if I'm justified or if I'm just being paranoid. But people do stick knives in each others backs.
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    The same for us and every other law enforcement agency throughout the world,all your daughter has to say to anyone that yells at them that their bike is illegal is.........."prove it".....that'll shut them up. ;)
  11. sparky

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    Yes, welcome to the life of every motored biker... at least those that don't explicitly give motored bikers the freedom from regulation that we all desire.
  12. bluegoatwoods

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    "Prove it!" is a good response. I'll have to keep it in mind. Thanks.

    And as for the skate-boarding kids, I can probably make them more sorry than me if the law has to get involved; they block the road and I know they've been told to clear out before. I've never bothered them when driving through (I just go very, very slowly) because I think kids should be able to play in the streets and the autos just need to go very carefully. But I've noticed that they are forgetting to show some manners; they don't really get out of the way like they used to. I'll bet I can get the police to give them more trouble than I'm likely to get for riding a motor assisted bicycle.

    Maybe if the little punk yells again I'll say "I can ride, but you can't!"
    That'd be kind of fun.
  13. sparky

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    Don't say that to a cop, or he will prove it when he whips out his "rules of the road" book. Just say you assumed you figured it was cool since you've already passed tons of cops.

    It could prolly go both ways if you go straight by the law... so, you'd prolly be best off not starting trouble with children. They'd just get revenge one way or another.
  14. bluegoatwoods

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    No, I wouldn't say something like that to a cop. I'm always polite to them. And I'm sincere about it; those guys are the front-line soldiers in the war between the civilized and the un-civilized. They have my respect and my gratitude.

    And I wouldn't pick a fight with a child either. Even though they can sometimes annoy me, that goes away very quickly. As far as I'm concerned they're welcome to our streets. Our automobiles are merely "guests" passing through. Now if we could only get more grownups out and about in the neighborhood.

    But maybe $4.00 gasoline will do that?