Nova Scotia Motor Assisted Bike Rules..........really NONE

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    Yah Rules here in Nova Scotia, Canada are really slack. Heres the rules right from the City.

    a vehicle propelled by human and mechanical power that is fitted with pedals that are operable at all times to propel the bicycle, that has the same wheel requirements as set out in subclause (i) and that has an attached motor driven by electricity not producing more than 500 watts or with a piston displacement of not more than 50 cubic centimetres and is incapable of providing further assistance when the vehicle attains a speed of thirty kilometres per hour on level ground;

    Requirements: Helmet is required, Rules of a Vechicle Apply, Bike lanes allowed but not manditory.

    Ive had my old bike on the streets of Downtown halifax. just cruising around. Pulled up to a red light, at that time I didnt really know I was allowed and I see lights behind me. Its a cop car so I turn the corner and pull to the side of the road. The cop comes over with his partner and they are both staring in amazment. They told me I wasnt in trouble, told me they are legal to drive. For the next 5 mins they ask questions. But that was my experience. Im just glad that the law is slack here.
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    Thank you. I carry around page two of the motor vehichle act.. which you quoted. Robert
  3. yea not a whole lot of problems down in the yarmouth end of nova scotia either