now I need a flasher relay...

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    OK I've been building my lighting system (brake light, head light, turn signals) and when I bought the turn signals, I didn't know if the relay to make them flash would be built in or if that is something that would be part of a scooter's/motorcycle's wiring system...

    Anyway, they don't flash on their own, and I need to find a relay that will make them flash. Searching on eBay and through Google, I am finding lots of plug-in relays, but I would need something that can be wired in circuit to the turn signals.

    Can anyone help point me in the right direction? thanks!

  2. Scotchmo

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    What you use will depend on voltage (6v, 12v, or other) and type of turn signal (LED or incandescent). For the plug in flashers, just get some female spade plugs and crimp them to your wires.
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    The turn signals are wired up so that the current to drive them is routed through the flasher as if it is a switch (which is is - it's a form of switch that starts "ON," then after a short delay, it switches "OFF," and then repeats.)
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    Yes, I know that. But all the relays I am finding plug in to something, like a fusebox. My question was: does anyone know of one that can be straight hard-wired into the circuit that is the power source, turn signal lights, and the turn signal switch. Scotchmo seems say that a plug-in one can be hard-wired into the circuit, and that would be fine with me.

    I'm running 12v
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    sweet, thanks!
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    The last time I had to do this I went to the local auto parts store and bought a electronic plug in 12v flasher. The flash is digitally controlled and does not rely on the load of the indicator bulbs to operate. It will flash 1 bulb or 8 bulbs, 1 LED or 100 LED's.
    I do not know the number of it but it was only about $8.00 or so.
    I soldered spade connectors to the harness wires and plugged them onto the flasher's spade terminals. I wrapped the whole thing in electrical tape to prevent the connections from shorting out on anything.
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    Huh, didn't know they made such a thing. Been looking for something like that for years. Must be one of them new fangled gadgets. Thanks for the info.
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    I am running all LEDs, so this sounds good...

    A quick browse through the Auto Zone website didn't find anything definitive (hopefully when I go there, I'll talk to someone who KNOWS what they are talking about...)

    Can I just solder wires directly to the plug-in connectors?
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    Sure you can solder the wired directly to the flasher spade terminals, but i would not recommended it. Imagine if the flasher broke, well you would need to unsolder the connections to replace it, Get the female spade connectors and crimp or solder them to the wires and when or if it breaks you can just plug and play
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    hard-wired in will work, but it's not the most convenient way to do it. got it.
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    Don't go to the one on 14th and Burnham unless you speak fluent Spanish!
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    there is one over on Oklahoma-- and I can get there on the bus... as my bike is out of commission :snobby::shout::annoyed::ack2:
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