Now I'm PO'ed! Gotta vent or my head will explode!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Guest, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So I ordered this chain from an ebay scammer, which had decent feedback and partly because the chain in question was very low cost but mostly because they offered PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING! :x :x :mad:

    Well, 12 days into my 2-5 days shipping wait I e-mailed said clowns and they send me a form letter about how they are soooo busy that they are having trouble filling orders fast enough! BOO FRICKIN' HOO! :cry:


    14 days into my 2-5 day shipping wait I get the same e-mail as the first......

    I told them I wanted a.) an extra 10' length of chain, (I bought two) b.) a refund, or c.) I start a claim with PayPal.

    I started a claim with PayPal just in case. :evil: :lol:

    O.K., I'm feeling a little better now.

  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    oh we are the internets coolest pressure release valve :lol:
    what's the world coming to !!! :p
  3. lotsa_mpg

    lotsa_mpg Guest

    I know where you're comin from, Joe. Some sellers are just so slow to ship. Makes you want to leave some bad feed, but then you can pretty much count on getting some in return. I think the whole feedback thing is completely flawed. As a seller, I try to ship same day or next business day if at all possible. I just wish the sellers I buy from would do the same...or at least ship the same week. I'm still waiting for a couple rear 1/4 windows for my car.....I bought them in 2002.

  4. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Ebay sellers

    I know were your comming from Joe.I've sold on bidville,bidbay,ebay,and yes even Yahoo for years.The worst sellers I have ever seen are in Ebay.I've heard every lame excuse you can imagine.I've been double charged twice,and completely ripped off once.I've waited weeks to get items from people.My biggest complaint is shipping.One out of 5 ship items out on time
    I shipped there products out within one day.I allways use priority mail unless they requested a different service.I always request a money order this saves alot of problems.Personal checks,or even cash always seem to get lost.I have had only one bad feedback in almost 3 years.That was over a personal check.It refused to clear before my limit of 10 days. I emailed this woman several times.When it did finaly clear I shipped her item out with a note saying I was sorry for the delay,and offered her a refound.It didn't help I still got a black mark.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This guy is definitely getting bad feedback. I don't care if he tries to "return the favor", I won't be blackmailed that what if my 100% positive gets a negative or neutral? Not like my employment depends on eBay.

    Anyhow, I ordered some #42 chain, since it supposed to fit (or is the equivalent of) #415....was going to turn everyone on to this inexpensive outlet for chain for our bikes after I tested one....10' of it for 7 dollars!

    Anyhow, not only will I not turn anyone onto this "great source" for chains, I'll let him know he blew it by being such a pile. :lol:
  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    I hate it when the ebayer sellers have a great deal on a product but then charge you 20 times what the shipping should cost...
  7. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    300 buyers gathered together can be a powerful the seller to this topic & threaten to expose him here.
  8. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    hey, it worked for quay :D
    Joe, if we knew who the vendor was, we could at least avoid the probs you had with him
  9. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    another resourse

    Hi Joe,
    Just in case that you didn't know this people.There was a law passed when I was realy young.There was a company that advertised in the back of comic books.Send us a dime,and you will get like 100 plastic soldiers.They ripped enough people off for one thin dime.That it was estimated they were a million dollar scam.The federal goverment couldn't do much so people got togiether.They got a new law passed.There is no minimum amount when it comes to mail fraude.It is also punished by a minimum of 5 years in federal prison.I'm not sure about all the details,but I've emailed this to several sellers.I usualy get a very good response on recieving my Items when there is a hold up.If that dosn't work one report,and a visit form there local Sheriff.That realy gets things going :grin:
  10. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest were young? :lol:

    i agree that being a tough consumer is the only way to go...i read once that over 25% of all retail transactions in the united states end with overall customer dis-satisfaction, & less than 25% of those bad deals are acted on by the consumer.

    laws are in place & should be used more often.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    G's....for being understaffed and over worked with their overload of sales (I should be so lucky) they sure were quick to refund my money when I mentioned I had opened a dispute with them through PayPal!

    I sent them an e-mail stateing I was sorry they just lost a prospective 300+ customers because of their lack of concern after the sale.
    Terrible feedback if you read it.
  12. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    man, why would anybody bother with the guy? better off to just go buy a lottery ticket with the money :p
  13. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    I was young once :razz: :razz: Weren't we all atleast once :grin: :grin:
    Joe man I hate to say this,but here go's.If had seen that many neg,and neutral feedbacks in any sellers feedback.I don't deal with them no matter how many sales they have.There has to be a reason for it.Personaly 3 neg's are to many,but I usualy allow them 5 per 1000 sales.That sometimes can be a mistake.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, it's done. I got a refund and this place was great therapy in the mean time. :)

    Just doesn't make sence to me that if you are as busy as they claim, you wouldn't hire more staff. Don't they know that the best way to kill a thriving business is to get lazy and offer poor service?

    Anyhow, off to find a new chain supplier....
  15. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    I'm realy glad you got your money back.That dosn't happin very often,and in most casesyou never see the item.Its a good thing you used paypal that time.
    The therapy is always a plus,and its free!!!!! :shock: wow something for free.That is a good deal :grin:
  16. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    right on

    Hi Joe,
    Sure glad you got your money back and yes it did work for me! This forum and the guys and gals in it were a great help too. Probably would not have been "all good" if it weren't for ya'll... I have used ebay 2 times in my life one very bad and the other the bike which was very good. Not too sure if I will use it again, unless someone tells me they have used them and are reputable :x oh well i chuck it up to a learning experience!
    Good luck Joe! :grin:
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks Quay.

    This was the first bad transaction for me out of around 90. I make a few bucks on there and I know how to keep business good, they didn't.

    Game over.
  18. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    I'm glad you both got your money back.I've had tons of dealings with Ebay both as a seller,and a buyer.The few people that take advantage,are realy out weighed by good sellers.Its those small few that realy f#%& things up,and make for realy bad days.
    I think Augi has the right idea!!! We are a large enough group that we could make or brake a small seller.Turning the tables in our favor,and leaving them with the realy bad days. :grin:
    Quay I know the seller in your case,and have decided.I'd rather deal with Dax myself.We had a shakie start,but they realy came through.That tells you alot about a seller. :grin:
    I also have a list of sellers on Ebay I won't deal with again.Thats the only way I can remotely keep track of the shady ones.