NT carb- best jet for Pred 79cc?


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Jan 13, 2018
My bike is not running right. Lacking power and trying to cut off on me. I set the idle adjustment screw a little tighter and that helped with the initial bogging but when i tried using the throttle it would cut off. Also noticed the revs were sort of all over there for a second. Not sure if due to changing the path of the throttle cable at slightly awkward angle. She was poofin out white smoke for like 3 secs max and sounded weak too.

...am I rich? I have a supposedly #85 jet installed. Some random seller on ebay, no #'s on the jets and sharpies on the bags. Set for $11 . I thought his #85 looked smaller than the 78 I had in there but I could be brain sharting i'm missing zz's.

It would be nice to hear from someone who has the adapter and runs Nt carbs on the pred 79cc. Also any reference as to how one can set the tongs on the float bowl?

Also I have go full choke to get it started and quickly flip the slide to hopefully keep it running long enough to heat up to take a test drive. (it was like upper 50's low 60's out...) Eventually, it did run long enough, for me to lose my chain.

I went down a hill, and it cut off as well. Sounded weaker than before when it was a little colder out. Could I have set the magneto gap too big? .03 i believe is what it's set to. I probably should put that back and experiment with jets.... hate to keep taking the float bowl off with the quality of metal that it is. Cheap turds keep selling poop metal quality nt carbs. I've had my fair share of issues with this bike already...I have 2 days.
super busy...so much to do so little time. =Thanks in advance for your 2 cents.
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