Carby NT carb question

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    I just got the NT carb cause i was having so much trouble tuning the CNS. My question is should i use sealant on the intake when i slide the carb on? I put it on dry and it's not running much better than the CNS. Any suggestions.

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    Did your nt come with the oring to go inside to seal it better? If not you could use sealer of some kind. Which notch did you put the e-clip on? I start off on with mine in the middle the adjust up or down according to spark plug color. On the bike I have with the nt mine is in the middle groove, jet is drilled to a #70. This is on a 48cc bgf engine using the stock air filter. It runs well, 28to30 on flat ground is no problem.
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    NAPA carries them.

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