Carby NT Carburetor Assembly Pics

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Nov 4, 2006
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the not-so magic carb

okay...let's take this puppy apart


here are a couple views of the brass slide/needle & float/bowl



full choke


no choke


assembled pic of slide/needle


cable removed. note the funny slotted washer, must be on top of the needle and clip. this allows the spring to return the needle down.


here you can see the needle valve assembly.


thanks to Tom in WV for the following quote:

Think of it as a tiny toilet bowl . when you flush (open the throttle) the float allows more water (fuel) in to replace whats been used. The purpose of the float mechanism is to keep the toilet from overflow (flooding)It only lets in whats needed as its used up. The toilet is remarkably similar to the carb except that the carb is variable speed and the toilet is all at once. This could be under the heading of "strange but true"
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Could someone post a good pic of the business end of the throttle cable itself? I'd like to see if I can make one up. I'm guessing it's just a small barrel, like the lever end of a 10-speed shift cable?
carb cable end.jpg


very small barrel!
barrel actually fits up inside the brass slide.

the length of the cable housing is pretty important, too. not a lot of adjustment there.

good luck & hurry......

I'm getting low on throttle cables!
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Thanks Dave. Yep. Looks like the small barrel for a shifter. So I should be able to use that end, cut the cable to length, and use a little brass electrical screw clamp button for the other end. Worst case, I may have to pour some lead.
Thanks for these pics Srdavo! My new modded tank I installed then I put my filter on backwards. Then I thought I cleaned it all out but apparantly not cause my bike would run for about 2 miles and quit. Then I hold down the tickler till gas comes out then it's 2 miles again then nothing.
I bet I got crud in that toilet valve keeping things from flowing right.
This carb is so simple. I'm sure I can find this crud.
Thanks again!
Interesting pics, is that the typical carby one expects with a happy-time style kit?
Thanks again Dave. I have an idea of how I can make my own cable. It should be pretty simple. If it goes well, I'll post it.
Thanks, Dave for the pics

Thanks, Dave for the pics and explanation.

And thanks to you, Feter for starting this thread.

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