Carby NT Carburetor Assembly Pics

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by srdavo, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Thanks, Dave. Personally, I reckon yours' are as good, (wherever they've gone).

    Also, shouldn't this thread be up the top?

    Speaking of stickies, thanks for popping my threads up there.
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    hey buddy anychance you can show how the racing carby is fitted?? i have a fair idea but am having issues with throttle connection
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    great pictures of carb...thanks...
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    carb trouble

    Bout to take carb apart was riding lastnite bike started actin funny bogging out it stalled out and wont start back trouble shot all way to a too rich mixture. HELP
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    unless fuel is dripping on ground, I've not seen a too rich mix keep it from trying to start when cold
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    This would explain why they run like $hit sometimes. :toilet:
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    The pictures went away a second time but now they are back for good. I have attached them to the thread, there's no way they can go missing again. :)
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