Tires Nu teck foam tires, factory direct orders, reviews and results

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by happycheapskate, Apr 19, 2011.

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    This is similar to the thread for, but is for .

    Bob the Boat Builder said he had an issue with his tires being shipped slowly or delayed, and said the tires received did not match his rims.

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    Here is what I posted in the Airfree section,

    I ordered a set of tires from a like company Nu-Teck, the process was long, but the tires finally arrived. My first concern was that despite ordering the special installation tool, I easily slipped the tires on with two fingers. I tested the tires to find the rear felt unsafe, almost coming off the rim and removed the tires and sent them back. I could easily pull the tire off the rim at least 1/2" and felt they were unsafe at any speed.

    When ordering, I contacted the company with the exact make and model rim (sun Rhino lite 48 hole tandem rim) and measured correctly.

    Although these tires were not appropriate for me I hope that other tires would be a better fit and use. The idea of riding flat free is fantastic.

    Now, will I get my money back? They say 3-4 weeks for returns. Time will tell how up and up this company is.

    Bob C.
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    I am now awaiting a call back from a company representative.

    The idea of air-less tires is fantastic, as I have been plagued by (of course) rear flats. Just through sheer bad luck, I have picked up several road hazard punctures in my inflated tires. Some of these road hazards are worthy of perhaps being displayed in museums.

    I have recently purchased a set of schwalbe foam insert tires.
    Just completing a short, 15 mile ride... so far so good.

    My motorbike sped is limited to 30 mph with gearing although it would be fun to go faster.
    Being a paramedic, I have a somewhat skewed outlook about speed and helmets.

    I will be posting pics of the bike soon, and discuss with anyone my building concerns.
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    Remember there are 26" American size tires ("fractional sizes" such as 26x 1 3/8 etc) and 26" mountain bike standard of today (559). They are not the same thing. There are also "26" road size tires used for triathlon bikes, called 650c.

    I wonder if there was a mixup or if the tire was actually defective. If it was produced to be a tire in the size you ordered, but too big, then its possible they shipped out hundreds of errant tires, causing quite a delay.
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    The schwalbe website is difficult to use. I could not find any foam inserts or foam tubes.