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  1. mauiboy ron

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    :smile:Never saw such animals here on Maui, but boy!!!! do we need'em--- gas is outrageous and everyone is looking for ways to save. This is uncharted territory for me so I'll lurk around for a while, but I'm really excited about this whole thing and hope to try putting one together for my 14 yr old grandson.
    I'm 59, married 41 yrs to the same gal, have 2 grown kids, 5 g-kids, and manage a liquid waste hauling service called Suck'Em Up Pumping. Just a working class dog who loves his family and wants to do something good for them and the environment....this may be it....Aloha:grin:

  2. Aaron

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    hey ron, just should let you know you must be 16+ with a helmet to ride one of these but...I dont think athorities would care if it was just a nehborhood ride around. (thought i'd let you know)

    but welcome.