NukeProof hardtail chain driven

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    First GASBIKE build

    First time builder...rode it 10 miles to work today with 0 problems!
    NukeProof aluminum hardtail
    Staton chain drive Honda GX35

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    cool its reliable.
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    My bike gets flats.....

    Thanks for checking it out.
    GASBIKE is super reliable and still just breaking in.
    I am riding at about 29mph on flat ground. No hassles from the Law.
    I rode to work 4 times this week.
    Biggest gremlin I am facing is flats on the rear tire. I am using a 2.3 Kenda K Rad, with Slime extra thick tubes and Mr Tuffys wide tire liners.
    Does anyone have any advice?
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    i have a staton chain drive mitsu 43.i just make sure i stop instantly when i get a flat.usually its a nail or big peice of glass.then you can just pop off the tire where the hole will be and fix it.without taking everything off.although i can just lay the bike down and get my tire out pretty fast,ive built quite a few of these.nice will find dropping the motor makes the bike track better,just cut the struts down.ive never seen a kickstand like that before?neat.
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    I think I figured out my latest flat. It just BLEW while I was sitting at a traffic light.
    My chain came off on the inboard side of the hub, last week. This chewed up the spokes causing looseness (due to me gassing it with the wheel off the ground trying to track down the noise made by chain being off). (I thought the CVT transmission was destroyed.
    The chain was so tight, I did not see it wedged against the spokes and I essentially SAWED through the spokes causing the whole problem.

    I was planning on getting the wheel trued asap.
    I found out that I had been without the master link for a while and most spokes on the powered side were damaged.

    I think a single spoke ( the loosest one) caused abrasion against the tube and combined with high speed, full throttle riding in traffic.....maybe it heated up or the spoke made enough contact to eventually cause the rupture (not puncture) since it was instant loss of air....and gooey Slime spew!
    I carry all the appropriate stuff: a good pump, patches and a spare tube.

    I am so used to pulling the tube and replacing on the trail, on my mountain bike, I didn't think about just patching the tube with the tire still mounted in the frame.
    I hope to not have to use Slime in the future because its a mess to clean up and the tube seems unpatchable.
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