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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by keystone, Jun 10, 2008.

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    my connecting link broke today ,on my drive chain I got a link from the local lawn tracktor supply,all the had was one for # 40 chain it works after i made shims to take up the difference in the width can some body tell me is there a chain size between #40 or I thinkthay used to make #41 chain on the old lawn tractors? I never paid to much attenion to my dax engine chain till it spit the clip off close to home thankfully--------------

  2. I run #41 and have seen alot of members on here that do also. Tractor Supply Co. is where I got mine 10ft w/ master under $15. Alot stronger and better quality the kit chain...
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    thanks for the info

    I think #40 & 41 is the same except for the width, I may be wrong.its time to get out the calipers and see the acuall size --------------
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    Another #41 user here. It works great!