CVT NuVinci freewheel removal, How ????

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by POPS, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. POPS

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    Hi guys

    Just like the title says.

    Does anyone know how to remove the single
    freewheel on the hub?
    I have seen on some sights that you have
    to have a special tool to take them off, but
    I don't understand why because in the install
    instructions it says to lightly grease the threads
    and screw on finger tight. Can I not take a punch
    and lightly tap on the teeth of the freewheel to
    remove it ? I bought it used and it was already
    assembled and it has a lot of side to side play.

    Thanks in advance for the replys...POPS

  2. cut it off

    Hey Pops, I had to cut one off. There is no tool. Be very careful & use a disk on a grinder. One slice is all it takes. Once you get close then you can finish it off with a heavy duty flat screwdriver. As tweety bird once said "Be Vewy - VEWY CAWReFUL!! You can do it - I did.
  3. POPS

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    Thanks Zomby

    Can I not take off the snap ring and remove the

    freewheel adapter and freewheel as an assembly

    buy pulling it off...(NuVinci site) ???

    Then getter in a vice and tap the bearing off ???. Thanks..POPS
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  4. loquin

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    Remember, the pull of the chain tightens the freewheel...
  5. POPS

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    Thanks for the reply but there is as much as a 1/4 in. play

    in the freewheel/FW adapter and I think that is too much???

  6. spad4me

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    Is the play side to side or front to back like the pawls are working but just old.

    I saw where you bought it used just now.

    They do get extremely tight . I have never been able to remove one by hand. I always had to cut the old one off .
    And then laugh at the ease of reassembly.
    This is for the freewheel only not any bearing in the cvt right.
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  7. POPS

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    thanks for the reply

    I have a new hub and the used one. They look different when you look close up. The new one has a snap ring which is there to take off the freewheel and adaptor at the same time so I've read, and the old one does not have one. I read somewhere that there is a special tool to take it off.

    If you are faceing the freewheel and grab on to it, it has at least a 1/4+ play side to side and up and down. The thing that really worries me is half the play is in the freewheel and the other half is in the freewheel adaptor which is somehow mounted to the center of the hub. Thats the part that scares me. It moves all over the place and I do not know how it is mounted on the hub.???

    Any help you can give me would be great...Thanks...POPS
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  9. POPS

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    I don't know how to post pic's and my putter is getting ready to crash I think. Seems to be haveing problems with Kodak?

    I do not know where the set screw is. Can not find one any where.

    The freewheel wobbles a bit on the inner part and outter part of itself but what really concerns me is that the inner part of the freewheel screws onto the freewheel adaptor and it is the freewheel adaptor that wobbles a lot on the shaft???...POPS
  10. There is no adapter on that hub. There is a spacer on the inside that may look like one, but it is just a washer. It is a one piece - thread on freewheel. China 22 tooth. I know because I put it on. CUT that off if it is wobbleing.... I had to do it on my other NuVinci, replaced it with another freewheel just like it. No snap ring there either. Lots of torque on that hub. Never get it off without cutting...............Be cawefull!
  11. POPS

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    Thanks Zomby

    Do you Know of a better freewheel out there or is the China the only one?...POPS
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  12. Don't know if there is a better one. Probably is from Staton. I used another China 22 tooth. Chain path has to be absolutely straight & tension correct or they wear out quickly. Are you changing tooth count? Mine is pretty low geared but still can't get top rpms in highest range so I think I have taken advantage of all I can get out of my Honda 50. Climbs a VERY steep hill no prob. I clocked it at 52 mph with engine running about 3/4 capacity.

    THESE HUBS ROCK!!!!!!!!! I love mine. Shifts very easily.

  13. POPS

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    Thanks for the info. Zomby

    I think I'm going to stay with the 22 tooth.

    There is lots of hills here.

    I'm going to be running a Cyclone 500 watt E/bike

    as thats the only thing that is legal here....POPS
  14. loquin

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    Hmmm. Maybe you could tow a bike trailer, with one of the tiny generators on it, to keep the battery charged...
  15. POPS

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    Hey Lou

    Thanks for the tip.

    I've got a plan but I can't

    let the cat out of the bag until

    I get the prototype up and tested.

    Then I will disclose to all if it works or not...POPS