NuVinci? Holy grail of motored bikes??

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by turkeyssr, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. turkeyssr

    turkeyssr Guest

    I was perusing e-bay and and came across these little gems. It seems that regardless of whether you go with staton or GEBE, you'll end up having to buy or have built a new wheel, so from that stand point the 2 are equal. HOWEVER, I really LOVE the idea of shiftable gears, which the Nuvinci hub offers. The price of the kit, w/o a wheel is hefty at $899! :shock:

    I guess I'm still undecided about belt versus chains as I just don't feel comfortable driving a wheel by the spokes.


  2. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member


    I like the idea of shiftable gears, too. Good find.

    the way I read that is..... $899 with the hub & wheel.
    still might pricey!! Whizzer kits are less than that. :lol:

    Staton offers hubs with sprockets on both sides.

    sidenote: as crudely mounted, as our "Happytimes" sprockets are mounted to our spokes. I have only had one broken spoke in 4 years.(with 4 bikes)
    Spokes are really pretty tough.
  3. beast775

    beast775 Guest

    i just cant leave this one alone

    what do you plan on doing with your kit?just having fun and learning alot then i would suggest a 200 dollar kit ie 80cc 2 stroke.if your only transportation and you are going to drive lots of miles then ask me about it.
  4. That kit is nice but the price for the hub only is $439.

    Looking at the gear reduction box makes me laugh, it looks so beefy like it came off a tractor or something.Seems like it could have been made a little more compact.

    There are pocket bike engines that have a torque converter that outputs to the right side that might work well with that hub.

    For maybe 3K someone could build a motoredbike that would easily go over 100mph (LOL-who'd ride it)
    Start with a nice sturdy frame use that rear hub driven by a modded out high performance pocket bike engine.
    Take it to the salt flats and run it wide open.
  5. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    For that price I would just buy a Whizzer and deal with the single speed.
  6. turkeyssr

    turkeyssr Guest

    Re: i just cant leave this one alone

    My ultimate goal is to communte as often and as reliably as possible a distance of 20 miles each way to work. I'm in good shape and do that from time to time 1 way (usually) without an engine, but the engine would make that possible every day, in both directions. The shiftable gear option would make different routes possible (big hills and some trails over the old military base out here, Ft. Ord). Sure I could pedal with the engine and would be willing to do it, if I could only determine if the Nuvinci was REALLY NOT worth the extra dough. The wording on the Staton site leaves a LOT to be desired, to say the least. No direct offense intended towards them.

    My other question would be do the staton chains REALLY throw off oil as they're moving? It seems they could, but I don't recall much coming off my motorcycle, but the chain was down low and covered.
  7. beast775

    beast775 Guest


    well ive built a nuvinci hub with a staton 43cc 2 stroke for a could pull a boat with it.and top speed to fast for a bicycle.i have a 43cc 2 stroke mitsubishi with chain drive a staton gear box and its amazing to say the least.its alot of work and money but i find it worth it .its my only transportation.i use motorcycle chain wax on my chain and nothing comes off ever,the motors will last about 10,000 miles,then buy a new one for 225.00.if you pedal as i do the motors will last along time.i am planning a trip next summer to ride the trans canada trail,its 4500 kms.and im not worried 1 bit there very good kits in my opinion.but its quite a mechanical feat building one im on my 3rd kit and it seems to be getting iesier.i would suggest a small 4 stroke honda there bullit proof and have a good warranty..good luck
  8. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    The Nuvinici does not use gears but balls on cones that offer the ratio change. Paxton super chargers of the early '60s that were on Studebaker Golden Hawks used the same set-up. They did not offer a long working life. Maybe with today's metalurgey and the light loads of driving a bicycle the service life will be very good.

    Staton started out making gasoline power wheel barrows that carry up to 1000 pounds. That 18.75 to 1 ratio gearbox comes from that production. They are not noisy and they last forever. I think Staton offers a very road worthy set-up, allbeit heavy and kinda ugly.
    I did talk to David Staton awhile back and he stated that they are working on a lighter gearbox for bicycles. His boxes and hubs are build in OKC, USA.

    Look at the 12g spoked wheels Staton offers and check out their $130 rear hubs with 4 cartridge bearings. Very good kit indeed.

    Just my two cents. :cool:
  9. turkeyssr

    turkeyssr Guest


    That's great information. I'm always amazed at the collective experience on this list/forum.

    I would like to hear more about the Nuvinci install and if you have pix, that would be great. (When you have time)

    Thanks again...

  10. turkeyssr

    turkeyssr Guest

    MPG with the Staton and Nuvinci

    I forgot to ask...

    Are the MPG numbers similar for Staton regular drive and the Nuvinci version versus the GEBE kits? (Same size engines of course...)

    In other words, can one expect to get 200mpg or better with the Staton?

  11. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I don't think any current system will come close to the over 90% effeciency on the GEBE's.

    That ratio of torque, from the spoke ring to the drive shaft gear, belt driven, using high tech/high compression engines, is the basis of the premium prices on the kits.
  12. Torques

    Torques Guest

    Not even close.... :shock:
  13. turkeyssr

    turkeyssr Guest


    Wouldn't the CVT keep the engine (potentially) in the best RPM range at all times thereby increasing fuel economy? I don't mean to question everyone's experiece, I certainly don't have any, but I'm just curious.

  14. beast775

    beast775 Guest


    i should fill up my tank 43cents!plus 20 cents oil and get a approx mpg for ya.i just guess by kms i go,i dont worry about fuel consumtion personally because its so little,,ill have to get a speedo electric and figure it out.i think the gebe does have the best kit goin for mpg!just an all around great kit have bought one but kinda hard to hide the rear drive ring.gotta watch yer butt in canada for motored bikes.ill let you know im still breakin in my for the nuvinci hub motor i did the guy wont stop ridin it i stopped in 2x last week no one there,hes picking up groceries for people and gettin paid.trailer and all.
  15. DougC

    DougC Guest

    Re: Really?

    Yea but the NuVinci has internal losses in itself.
    The question is, would the engine's net benefit be greater than the NuVinci's internal loss?
    I'm wondering what happens when the NuVinci is overtorqued. All the other geared hubs (Shimano, Sturmey-Archer and Rohloff) all have clear limits on torque input. In their cases, the gears wear out really fast. And the first couple models of bikes that the NuVinci seems to be available on are all casual-use (light duty!) bicycles.
  16. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    This is my question: How durable and how much torque could one expect from the Nuvinci? I'm seriously considering buying one.

    It would vastly superior to any othe drivetrain system even GEBE. In fact I consider all of Staton stuff better than GEBE but thats opinion.

    1.Gas mileage would be out of this world if one could control the RPM with a Nuvinci
    2. Engine life would be greatly increased by not overrevving at high speeds
    3. Hill climbing would be superb
    4. One could get the cheaper Robin Subaru VS. a Honda 4 stroke off setting the cost of a Nuvinci hub.
    5. That less powerful Robin at 1/3 less power would stress the hub less but do the same duty on bottom and top end.

    I want one I just want to know how much abuse can it take from an engine. Who knows the most about Nuvinci here?
  17. ChrisEddy

    ChrisEddy New Member

    I have a NuVinci hub that I have been commuting with for the past two weeks... I'm still breaking-in my Honda GXH50. (I have the Staton kit) A little FYI on the NuVinci hub - the hub itself works very well and seems to be quite durable (so far) - it is heavy though... you cannot "shift" on the fly... you must release the throttle to "up shift/down shift"... the NuVinci hub has three "steps" or gear ranges with a variable range over each step. Will you save fuel with the hub?... not likely (and it's surprisingly heavy too) ... so why would you want it? In a word... flexibility. I can choose to pedal, but I NEVER have to... from a dead start you can "wheelie" if you choose... you can maximize your engine's powerband in just about any situation... I can easily pull a trailer with a load as well... So if your looking for a solution that provides the greatest flexibility in using your bike and not having to pedal (at all, if you so choose)... then it would be a good choice - Hope that helps, Chris :)
  18. duivendyk

    duivendyk Guest

    The range is continuous really,but since it's a lot easier to shift by first throtling back it feels more like using a multispeed gearbox with low,middle & high gear.My main beef with the Stanton NV setup (apart from cost) is the substantial weight of the combination.But it's certainly very flexible.In relatively flat terain it would definitely be an overkill,the left drive Staton hub would do just as well, if you're able&willing to help out on hills and use the largest engine you can get away with, for more torque.
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  19. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    Mountains are our issue here, some very steep, so the Nuvinci may be our saving grace but it is certainly pricey. I guess I could come up with something less expensive like a multi-speed freewheel, in fact I have seen some working on that here in the forum.

    Maybe it wouldnt give better mileage but surely you could drop down from a Honda 50 to a 35cc Robin? The range of of gearing it would seem to me would require less horsepower to the same job as a single speed 50?

    It would seem the lower HP engine would not have to work so hard to the same job. Lower/higher gearing would reduce the need for more HP.

    Is my logic flawed?