NuVinci hub, worth it??

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by hheltzer, May 8, 2010.

  1. hheltzer

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    is the NuVinci hub from staton worth buying? is it really good? advantages? disadvantages? right now i have a regular staton rack moutned chain drive, subru 33.5 cc motor and im wonderig if it is really worth uprgading? is the gear switching really nessesary, im am just looking to get arounf the city of chicago about 10 miles everyday

  2. give me vtec

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    IMO definitely worth it for the money invested... look around, there have been lots of threads covering the subject.

    Riding around town 10 miles... might not be necessary. The best advantages would be super low gearing and super high gearing. So unless you are riding really long distances or up very steep hills, I wouldn't recommend the hefty price tag.

    Now having said that... if the money isn't an issue... it is a FANTASTIC piece of equipment and easily worth every penny. Its so beefy and bulletproof you cannot break it with a motor that will fit on a normally/rationally on a bike.
  3. hheltzer

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    so its not really worth it if i already have the staton normal chain drive kit to just poke around with city with no hills or anything? is it just faster or what?
  4. give me vtec

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    Uhhhh kinda... it just keeps the engine at peak torque. Instead of hitting the high spot and then backing off a little. You just adjust it and keep going. It keeps the engine right in the "sweet spot".

    You can shift to the lowest setting and get up any hill/driveway you need to. I would say another advantage is the power delivery is much smoother. It takes some of the jerk out of the chain drive because there is no metal to metal contact inside.
  5. hheltzer

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    yeah its not for me. its too pricy right now, the regular staton kit is fine for me
  6. give me vtec

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    yeah... unless you got a spare 300 and some change just laying around... I could say you can do without if what you got is working.
  7. Ive run one for 300 or so miles and although i live in a very hilly area in hawaii which basically requires it, i would have it either way. For nothing more than the sound of shifting everytime i get a little past that "sweet spot" -give me vtec- mentioned.

    Ive also noticed a huge drop in my gas mileage, not sure of exact numbers but since im always at peak power im burning up alot more fuel... but to me its worth it at 30-50 cents a tanks! .12-.15 gal.