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  1. I just bought a nivinci hub from ebay brand new for 275.32 its the 36 hole silver, Im going to use it on a 24 inch rim with a 3 inch tire and sick bike parts shifter . Does anyone know of the length spoke that i will need for this? And what disc brake will fit? Thanks [​IMG]

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  3. Thanks, lots of good info there. Kinda boggles the mind on the lacing part at least for me.
  4. Lacing isn't difficult if you take it a step at a time and use another wheel to look at while your building it. For the standard 3 cross it is over, over, under and under, under over. You'll likely make some mistakes and learn from them. Most important when you get it laced up is centering, truing and tensioning. too tight and your wheel will go out of true fast; too loose and your wheel is soft, flexible and dangerous in the turns. The more even your tension the longer your wheel will stay true. Good Luck and stay at it!
  5. Btw how'd you work the lower crown race on your fork? Are they tuned? Mine came w/o a lower crown race and were all sorts of crooked, uneven and lopsided. Since I got'em dialed in I've been very happy w/ 'em though.
  6. I took em off an old set of forks i had . I guess your talking about the part the bottom bearing set on ? Im not sure what size spokes to get either Zoombie builder used the nuvinci hub and looked like they used the original length spokes with the lace pattern. I wonder if a 20 inch rim spoke would be right length,might be close.