Nuvinci IGH users: Is my hub working normally?


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Jan 3, 2019
I appreciate all the kind words from @Street Ryderz and @gary55 . These were the guys that showed me the way and taught me a ton about these bicycle engines.
In defense of the Nuvinci hub I purchased my n360 hub used from kijiji. It appeared to be in great condition when I bought it but it was used. Also the very first time I fired that bike up I quickly realized that my throttle cable was just a bit too short and immediately reved up past 8000 rpm. Once I shut it off I noticed oil leaking out of the hub at the seams. It wasn't long after that that the hub started slipping. I have also used a sturmey archer rs-rk3 3 speed hub. It lasted over a year with lots of abuse. It failed when the axle broke in half.
With the gearing I had using the nuvinci and sturmey archer hub I would hit the mid 50's


Jun 12, 2020
Cool! Yeah if you’re going up to the mid 50‘s, your gearing made sense.
Nuvinci, now enviolo, did not stop improving those hubs and now with the e-bike/ mid drive scene being bigger then ever, they had to come up with hubs that take more torque as well.
Maybe you want to give it another shot sometime, @GreasyChris ;)
I got this one
It takes up to 100Nm or 500w. I just hope my 49cc is not much above that

Street Ryderz

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Oct 14, 2016
My chime in on this is that Chris is a better engine builder than I am. He produces more power from his builds, and he puts more emphasis on hard core performance. Put it to the wood and see how it eats. I am calmer in my expectations. The reason my nuvinci has lasted so long is I seldom force it to the max. My engines are moderate. Some porting, a little decking to a good squish, and a moderate pipe. For a all around bike that gets me A to B with not much wear on the engine and cruises at 30 effortlessly it's a good match. You guys remember how long ago I went with this hub. I just got groceries with it yesterday. Chris builds bikes that can force that small single gear to move at the low end and have enough torque left at the top end to fly. If you go to a large carburated reed intake with a well tuned pipe and the porting and the squishing and the balancing, a drive train that works with moderate power might not be the best choice.
Hey brother, haven't heard from you for awhile but glad to and hope all is well with you! I kinda figured that was a big part of this, I really like the idea of the gearing/gears but they would have to last under powered shifts, LOL I know myself (no restraint).