Nuvinci Supermotard

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    Hey all,

    Havent seen many Nuvinci bikes so here are a few pics of mine. It went from a 25 mph top speed with the factory knobbies to 45 with high pressure slicks. Super fun bike and gets tons of attention. (all good I might add)

    2001 Specialized FSR Big Hit
    Staton-inc Nuvinci Robin Subaru
    68 lbs wet weight
    45 mph top speed (w/o pedaling)
    30 mph cruise speed (engine idles at 30 with the nuvinci about 1/2 gear range)
    9" hydraulic disk brakes
    8" suspension front/rear
    250 mpg highway

    bike 006.jpg

    bike 007.jpg

    bike 002.jpg

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    thats a beauty

    excellent build!!!8-.i know where your comin from.

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