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Apr 1, 2008
Hi All,

I've put about 40 miles on my bike now with the Staton-Nuvinci setup. I need some torsion bar advice.

I broke the staton instructions for mounting the torsion bars and instead mounted them with a bolt on the end wedged into a strong part of the frame.

This made me nervous and I needed to order new torsion bars to do it the way staton recommends.

But after 30 miles of abusive but careful riding they havent even budged. Should I worry about re-working the tortion bars? They seem rock solid. And the frame seems to be not even bothered by the NuVinci after a close inspection. I think I'm good. Thoughts?

Here is a pic.

General Bike pics if your interested.

Any input would be appreciated.
I know very little about the Staton setup but to me if something is working fine with no obvious ill-effects then why change.If your happy with what you've done leave it;keep a check on it initially though just to satisfy yourself everything is remaining cool.
I agree fetor. The way Staton suggests still only has a fairly smallish bolt holding the torsion strap to bar. Your setup looks rather clean and I couldn't really see why it should matter as long as it's steady and not allowing the NV hub to wiggle free while riding. The only benefit I could see of using Statons design is that the extra length gives some leverage to the supporting frame in keeping the hub steady. Also while installing mine I found when I tightened the straps to the bars it pulled them inwards toward the center of the bike therefore probably assuring the nuts will never vibrate free. I'd take fetors suggestion to check it often and push the hub a little bit more each time to see if there are any signs of damage. If not then "if it aint broke, dont fix it."

BTW, I love my NV kit. What are your impressions of it? It looks like your hub has a smaller engine drive sprocket than I got... looking for more top speed? Whats you're low end top speed like? High end speed?
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BTW, I love my NV kit. What are your impressions of it? It looks like your hub has a smaller engine drive sprocket than I got... looking for more top speed? Whats you're low end top speed like? High end speed?

I'm very impressed. I was a little nervous about the torsion install. But after todays work commute, I'm convinced my bike is solid.

As for the gearing. Its what staton sent me - 27 tooth on the hub and 16 on the gearbox. I couldn't be happier with the gearing. Low end lets me do about a 5 mph climb. I can climb anything that I have found and been willing to try.

As for the top end, I can get to about 30 mph and my sanity kicks in. I've got 32.7 logged as my max on the speedo. But that was with about 3 notches to go for a flat line on the NuVinci. I think it can do 35 easy with no wind, but I'm not riding it that fast to find out. At 30 a rock flies off the front tire at a ridiculous speed.

Todays commute home was on a serious headwind. And she kept a steady clip at 25 mph. I'm talking a 20 mph headwind. I simply cant ask for more than that with this 33.5 cc engine. Not to mention I'm in California and 30 is the top speed, supposedly.
Cool, sounds like they're somewhat similar, my gearbox has a 22t freewheel. I dont know how many teeth the NV has but it looks like a 36 or so. They advertised mine would do 32.5 top speed and around an 8mph low gear hill climb. still haven't tested it out too much have only put about 10 miles of easy riding on it so far.
Initially the NV was quoted to have 32T by Staton and they recommended a 18/20 T freewheel on the gearbox,that was last year.I saw the NV that Sir Jakesus has on his pics.,the sprocket looks different,larger that is,mine does not have the cut-outs either,it's a solid sprocket.
When I ordered mine this year it was quoted as 27 T and I ordered an 18T gearbox freewheel (I live in the hills).Top speed depends on a host of factors,engine size&type,carburetion,torque characteristics at high rpm,overall gearing,and also altitude,JJ
Correction !,the sprocket size quoted last year was 36T ,not 32T if we can trust Mr Staton,who strikes me as something of a scatterbrain,JJ