CVT NuVinci which one?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by chancecube, Apr 30, 2011.

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    im not getting the url thing right..
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    Have you looked at Staton's Nuvinci kits?

    You need to have a minimum number of posts before URL links will show as a direct link. (We had some issues with drive-by spammers posting links as soon as they were registered, so Tom added a software mod to the forum software to add that feature.)

    Offhand, I don't remember the exact number of posts before your links will show up - 25 or 30, maybe.

    Here's the link that you tried to post, above...
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    wasnt aware of the url thing, thanks. 20-30 posts isnt that much wont take long.

    staton, 239.00 bucks isnt bad.
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    i hear that having a jackshaft and a nuvinci is like having a 32 44 and 56 tooth sprocket on your bike. is this true?
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    Staton mentions towing a pickup across a parking lot with a 35cc Honda...
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    That is very impressive!!