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  1. For sale Complete wheel laced on Black 26" Whizzer rim with 10 Ga stainless spokes. Originallly from Staton - torsion bars, Hayes hydro disk brake, sell seperate or on this WICKED frame. Jackshaft all rolling chasis parts. Killer bike - just was not a good match for the Whizzer motor. Motor is SOLD.. This set up will require a bit of imagination. I have a very good example of what will work well... See Zomby Zack. Same set up. I just don't have the desire to have 4 of these... All of this bike is for sale or part/ out. All top quality stuff.
    stretch frame.jpg

    Frame is pick up only unless you got the $$ to ship. I would like to sell the frame & drive rolling chasis for 700. Two wheel roller with no controls, motor or electrics. A Great buy. All inclusive chain drive Pedals, Crank, front & rear brakes & controls.see the photo Album.

    Seperate stuff-------If questions please PM only.

    NuVinci with torsion bars - 250 22 tooth freewheel sprocket & fireball tire.
    Naked frame - 350 with jackshaft, & all sprockets -chains - Crank
    front Whizzer wheel drum brake & fireball tire ( 200 miles) 130
    Whizzer front end & all bearings 100 (no wheel)
    All electrics Whizzer wire-harness & key switch plus all lights, components & tender charger for lights 225.

    Rear hydro brake all inclusive mounts/ rotor/ lever/ 75

    Put together your want to get parts list & make me an offer. This bike has got to go. Please don't clutter this thread.... PM only with offers. Thanks for L@@KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. POPS

    POPS Member

    Hi Zombie
    Don't know how to PM....I am very interested in the Nuvincie.How much to ship to Malahat BC canada V0R-2L0...Thanks POPS
  3. Rolling Chasis

    I can deliver this bike in person to any city in California, Nevada, Arizona, or New Mexico.

    PM <--- (means Private Message) = just click on my handle - Zomby Builder

    If you see a combination of parts here that I have not bundled together, Just ask! Or make an offer. I will list parts sold as they are sold.

    PS - - If you want to calculate shipping costs my Zip is 92029 & I prefer UPS ground.





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  4. Update

    Hi Dave,

    I wanted to give you an update on the package. It made the trek in perfect shape and I am so happy I was the one who noticed this engine for sale. Excellent packaging job as nothing was damaged. Thanks again for the extras.....I will put them to good use!

    Now if I could get some cooperating weather here in the snowbelt, I'd run this thing!!

  5. You Got the Bomb

    Thanks @@ Bobco. I know you will be pleased...... There is still more of this part-out to be had!! I got the ****!!!!
  6. Byron

    Byron New Member

    Is your Nu Vinci still available. If it is complete with the controls, and functional, I'll buy it. I'm new to the forum, and have not had much luck in finding feedback to my mails, so please get back to me at
  7. Brooks Seat

    The seat came today. It's just what I was expecting.
    Thank you
  8. Beer Sex & BMX

    Beer Sex & BMX New Member

    very nice frame...
  9. another satisfied buyer

    Packsge finally showed up today. Mail is some kinda quick isn't it...And they have the nerve to charge an arm and a leg, Well ok,a couple fingers anyway. Punched a hole in the box right threw the foam support for the axle! All looks ok though. Thanks a lot. I won't be useing it for a little while but you said if I needed some help you would. I would really appreciate that but I probably won't need any. Looks pretty straight forward.

    Shipped to BC Canada took 26 days USPS from San Diego...What are the postmen riding MBs these days or ???
  10. Talk about Stretch---ed

    Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived here today in undamaged condition.

    Thanks for the great deal.

    This bike is now spread from Ohio to Hawaii & up to BC. Still have the electrics & exhaust & front end & Frame... How bout it Florida - N.Y. coast to coast.... I need the rest gone so make me an offer......
  11. Still spreading the parts around


    Hi Dave, The package of parts arrived today, safe and sound. I'm very very !!! pleased with them. I can't tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to find the sparto type tail light and the reflectors . They will become part of a future project ,I'm sure. I'll post some photos of my project to the list when it is finished.

    Somebody should buy this FRAME!! It looks so naked in my building slot.... I need the space to work on my Whizzer......If you want the perfect built in Jackshaft included & crank with all gears & freewheel sprockets $300 takes it......
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  12. POPS

    POPS Member

    What does the front end look like? I must have missed something somewhere? Thanks Rick
  13. Front end

    Front end is a stock Whizzer 26" I still have the wheel too. Stock drum brake.

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  14. POPS

    POPS Member

    Can you post a pic.? Thanks Rick
  15. Front end

    You already have the tire LOL...

    Just edited the last post to show the front end... Take it for $175 with the wheel.
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  16. POPS

    POPS Member

    Got a side pick? Are those shocks there? My eyes are dim,I can not see...You know the reast...Rick
  17. Side view

    Yes hydraulic Whizzer shocks. Black & Chrome. Looks new still. If you can meet me in Lynwood WA on 4/4/09 (just outside Seattle) I'll bring & save the time & ship $$$

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