O Canada - Oh oh in Toronto: e-bikes in danger

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    I looked for a Canada thread....oh well.

    Toronto asked to keep e-bikes off sidewalks and out of bike lanes
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    Bamabikeguy--Born and lived in Ontario and the greatest day in my life was when I moved out. The government in that Province no matter who, couldn't run a 1 car funeral and make it a sucess.
    Very much like NY State. The place is full of nimby's and always has been. Not in my back yard.

    Thier only claim to fame is over the years they have had most of the manufacturing jobs. Now the car companies are going lean as well as the companies that have gone under the Province is in deep water and the boat leaks.

    When you hear Canadians complaining about bad laws and the government not caring about peoples rights 95% will be from Ontario.
    Just watch the guys complaining on this forum and see where they are from.

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    Last Updated: 4th June 2009, 3:23am

    New bike lanes approved by city


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    More Ontario, some place called Guelph....

    Guelph again??? (a hotbed of MBoutlawery !!)


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    bamabikeguy--A DUI is a federal offence same as bank robbery in Canada.
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    it just seems to never pay off -- riding on the sidewalks in any way
    brings much heat to the MB cause
    gives one's someTHING to cry about for a long time

    ride that THING in the street
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    One of the strategies of the cagers is any excuse to get us off the roads. Paths and, sometimes dangerous, bike lanes are their favorites.

    If they get their way we'll be segregated straight into bicycle ghettos.

    So I'd say that it's a good thing to make e-bikes and MBs ride in traffic. They should do the same thing for pedal cycles, strange as that sounds.
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    Peterborough pops up.......(Ontario)


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    ^ they should turn their hearing aids down an they wont hear the electrical interference.
    (N) stupid. very stupid.
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    Comming from Embrun I'm sure you get off the farm twice a year to form that stellar opinion. Yep, been to Embrun. Lived outside Brockville between Forthton and Athens for years. Bought a lot of antiques in your area.
    Embrun is one of the few towns in Ontario that has Welcome To and Now Leaveing on both sides of the same sign.
    Please, before you display your lack of knowledge to the public, consider it goes all over the world and represents our country.

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    Laws for electric bikes get confusing

    While a licence isn't needed to drive one, some licence suspensions mean you can't

    June 22, 2009
    Tony Saxon
    Mercury Staff


    They might be inexpensive, convenient and environmentally friendly, but e-bikes are not a way to drive around the law.

    While you don't need a driver's licence to drive one of the battery-operated bikes, the fact is if you have already lost your licence due to a Criminal Code infraction such as impaired driving, you are not allowed to ride them.

    Guelph Police Sgt. Doug Pflug admits that might lead to some confusion for those who have lost their driver's licence and think e-bikes are an option.

    "If you operate an e-bike after losing your licence, you can be charged with driving while disqualified," Pflug said. "It's a bit confusing because the law says you don't need a licence to operate one."

    E-bikes are the brightly coloured moped-sized bikes seen with increasing frequency in Guelph. They operate on a battery not exceeding 500 watts or by pedal power and can't go faster than 32 kilometres per hour.

    You can be as young as 16 to operate them and need to wear only a bicycle helmet.

    There have been three charges of driving while disqualified charges in Guelph recently, two involving electric e-bikes and one involving a modified bicycle.

    The Criminal Code states that a motor vehicle is anything "that is drawn, propelled or driven by any means other than muscular power, but does not include railway equipment."

    Part of the confusion stems from the fact that e-bikes are looked at differently by different arms of the law.

    Ministry of Transportation spokesperson Emna Dhahak said the Criminal Code considers e-bikes a motorized vehicle, while the Highway Traffic Act considers them a bicycle.

    Therefore, if you lose your licence due to Highway Traffic Act violations, you are still allowed to operate an e-bike. But a Criminal Code infraction means you can't operate one.

    Val Hamilton owns and operates Go Green Electric Bikes on Victoria Road South.

    She admits she was a little confused as to the rules until recently, but it wasn't her fault. The Ministry of Transportation's own website was providing the confusing information.

    Under "Frequently Asked Questions -- Power-Assisted Bicycle ("e-bike") Pilot Test" found on the ministry's site, one of the questions asks "If my driver's licence has been suspended, can I legally operate an e-bike?" The answer is: "You do not need a driver's licence to drive an electric bicycle."

    True, but clearly not enough information, Hamilton said.

    "I told people that, that the Ministry of Transportation says you don't need a licence," Hamilton said. "I don't want to mislead or misinform people. I was just going by the ministry's website."

    The recent local arrests led to her questioning the rules and she made a call to the police. She now has sign sitting in plain view on her counter provided by Guelph Police that asks "Is Your Licence Under Suspension?" and informs potential buyers of the rules.

    Hamilton admits the odd customer admits to having lost their licence when they come in looking at the e-bikes, which sell for around $1,600.

    "Unfortunately, some have purchased a bike and are now being told they can't drive them. But I don't think it was clear to anybody," she said.

    Apparently she's not the only one confused.

    Warren Christiani of the Durham E-Bike Association said "Yes, you can operate an e-bike with a suspended licence."

    Hamilton said the confusion is unfortunate and hopes it doesn't dissuade people from riding the bikes, which she has sold to everyone from 17-year-olds to 83-year-olds since opening last July.

    "These bikes are the best things that can happen to this city. Guelph is such an environmentally friendly city. It's the best place for them."



    - powered by electric motor not exceeding 500 watts

    - maximum speed of 32 kilometres per-hour

    - does not require insurance or driver's licence

    - operators must be at least 16-years-old

    - must wear a bicycle helmet

    - must have pedals that are operable

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    i once met this hippy ghetto living dealer (of e bikes of course) smoking a joint one morning before his "errand" he was like, "yeah man you dont need a licence and there totally legal!"

    so that obvoiusley goes to show whos buying these things.

    my old man cant drive a vehicle anymore unless it has a breathlyzer on it and hes got an ebike to go get his whiskey.
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    What a bunch of ****!!! i moved here from Guelph in 1973 so glad-- in some ways we are still in the wild west---an rcmp pulled me over--said what a good idea asked where i got it --he said its rather loud coming direct from expansion chamber--i pulled the stinger out of my pocket put it on he said you were doing everything right--you were in the bike lane--your wearing bright clothing--you signalled--go ahead have a great day!!