O-ring For Carb?

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    Does anyone know what is the best size and shape of o-ring to use to seal up my carb? Should I use the round type or flat type and what is the right size for the race carb (the one with the red air filter)? I'm getting really high rpm's and I think I may have an air leak. Also when I disengage the clutch, the motor dies. I know I probably didn't post this in the right area (please forgive my newbie status) but any info would GREATLY be appreciated.

    Update: If you want to use a washer, use a #4 Aerator Washer (23/32" O.D. x 31/64" I.D.). If you want to use an O-Ring, use a 5/8" I.D. x 3/4" x 1/16" wall. Unless there's something I'm missing.....
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