O-RINGS Use 1 or 2 ? Mods for compression release cover

Nov 14, 2018

I'm sure ya all have seen the 1 o-ring method used around the compression release cam. no one person ( invented ) came up with this idea. Many thought of it around the same time. I know I did.
How to stop the oil drip from the valve cover compression release cam shaft boar. Yea lets bevel the bottom outside Dia. of the compression release cam and slip a 1/2 o-ring on, that should work. It worked OK. But a small drip of oil still worked its way out.
Then one year I was reading this Forum Watching Paula build her Model-J Whizzer and she showed us all a new idea.
Paula used an o-ring around the compression release cam shaft putting an o-ring in the shaft boar. I thought what a good idea.
Here's how I did mine (see pictures ).
Now no drip. Thanks Paula
The O-Rings I bought 009 Viton O-Rings came in a bag of 100. So when I check my valve lash every 1,000 miles I change the O-Rings
This Mod is not for everyone. It's kinda tricky to drill and tap the compression release cam SHAFT.
It is well worth the effort as the double O-Ring method really WORKS. Never no oil drip there agian.
NOTE* A Special thank you to Paula


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