Obama McCain debate -- your views ???

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    well we are in The White Zone --- so this should be an alright thread

    that debate last night -- really -- made me sleepy

    the little Lady and I were excited while waiting for the debate

    kind of a let down --

    when even our pick (man to save us all) seemed pretty boring

    as in all elections -- our vote and the one elected at this time


    So - think free - please share your thoughts - WIDE OPEN HERE !!!!

    Ride That Thing Mountainman
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  2. ZnsaneRyder

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    Screw them all, they are all crooks, just like Bush and Kerry are, and I didn't vote for those jerks either.

    They don't know what it's like to be hungry with no food and a dollar for gas money, they've had everything handed to them on a silver platter all their lives.

    If some regular people were running for president, then I'd be more interested in what promises they have for us.
  3. arceeguy

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    If you are a McCain fan, you probably thought he "won".
    If you are an Obama fan, you probably thought he "won".
    If you were undecided, I feel sorry for you if you haven't made a decision by now!

    My main problem with Obama is spending. Everytime he (or any other politician) uses the word "invest", it means that he is spending more of your money. Even if they say that they will make "big business" pay for it, the cost will eventually trickle down to the consumer - that's us. Obama said that we are spending 10 billion a month on the war, when we could be spending 10 billion a month on health care for people who don't have it. Why is it that we have to spend the money on something else? When forces are withdrawn, why don't we just save this money instead of spending it on something else? Frankly, I do not want to pay for someone else's health care tab because dammit, nobody is paying mine! If you don't like your health coverage, get a better friggin job and earn it.

    My main problem with both candidates is that they want to "invest" in "alternative energy". Now folks, solar/wind/hydro/biofuels have been around for friggin decades. If they were cost effective, they would have become mainstream already. What's different about these technologies now than compared to 1970? They aren't cost effective, so only rich people can afford a solar powered house. How is government going to make it cost effective? By writing checks to people who install these systems? Granted, they won't pay the whole bill, and it will still be a lot of cash out of pocket. So, in effect, they are giving a break to "rich people" that can afford them! (That's how it will be spun if McCain is elected) Let private industry decide what alternative energy sources are the future. If there is money to be made, a private company (or many) will step in and do business.

    I want the government to shrink. Government wants government to grow, and they are very good at fooling people that they have the answers.
  4. arceeguy

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    McCain's VP pick is probably the most "regular people" I've seen in a while. If they win, she will gain the experience needed to launch her as the first woman president of the US. With all the smearing and lies going on, she must have been a good pick.

    I really doubt that Obama will be elected. Why do the Democrats have to pick someone that leans so hard left? Seriously, McCain could declare himself a Democrat and his voting record could back that up! The hard right conservatives do not like McCain - which might be a good thing. He seems to be fiscally conservative, but liberal on key social issues - but not a socialist, which is area that Obama is treading on. I like McCain's health care policies, the only people who like Obamas health care policies are people who want it for free (or at very little cost).

    Palin is going to have a tough time with Biden, who is a seasoned wise ***. This will be interesting.
  5. You know,I think McCain gave some really good points but when I tally my score card Obama still wins out.
    This though is the one thing where McCain to me scores really really low.
    His negative ad campaigns like this one made in record time soon after the debates:


    Why doesn't he run ads inviting us to LOOK at his plan and talk about the ISSUES? Why does he want to bash Obama instead?

    I think it's because he thinks his followers DON'T CARE about his stance and that they care more about CHRISTIAN VALUES and ANTI OBAMA.

    This is McCain's strategy. Bring in the southern right. Bash the Obama. It's a shame for he really does have some good points.

    I mean we all know why he picked Palin. And it's for votes and votes only.

    Imagine what would happen in the event that McCain would die. OMG Lord help us.

    Obama run negative ads too I think to interact with McCain's negative ads but he also runs ads that talk about Obama. Those ads talk about the issues. Those ads invite us to see for ourselves.


    And yes my mind is pretty much made up but the debates made me understand more why people would pick McCain.

    But the way he runs his ads make me feel like he thinks we are all 1d1ots.

    I really believe Obama will make a difference because he would be the first black president. He would have EVERYTHING to prove. I believe he would be working on term 2 right from day 1.

    McCain on the other hand I think feels he has already proven himself. We all should know that it's Congress that controls our nation. McCain has been in Congress for 26 years. Do you really think as president he would stir things up?


    And Obama seems a bit off last night but he can look at McCain eye to eye.
    I didn't see that with McCain. He seemed to have a problem looking at him.
  6. arceeguy

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    Large - both are running negative ads with lies and misrepresentations. Welcome to politics.

    Where did the "christian values" thing come up? I don't like Obama because he's a lefty.

    If McCain were elected and he died, we would be fine. All in all, the president isn't all that powerful. Look at Bush, he is powerless to do anything about the "bail out" plan he wants passed. Aside from that, Palin has more in common with a typical American than any of the others. If Obama were assassinated, we'd have Biden - I think that is more scary!

    McCain has proven himself to work with the democrats, which drives conservatives nuts. Obama has not "reached across the isle" in the same manner.

    McCain was respectful and referred to Obama as "Senator Obama". Obama was addressing McCain as "John". Very disrespectful.

    McCain is a 60's democrat, and that isn't a bad thing.
  7. I have yet to see a McCain positive ad. The christian values I feel is what McCain is thinking. I mean look at who he picked for VP.
    It's so blazingly obvious.

    Maybe if he had a better pick for VP things may look better for him.
    I mean Romney would have been a better pick but he's Mormon.
    Do you see how McCain is thinking?

    My Brother is a minister and he seems in LOVE with McCain.

    That's where I'm coming from.
  8. Zev0

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    All I can say about the lefties, any lefties is, I WORKED for my money, nobody GAVE it to me. The lefties want to take MY money and give it to those who have their hands out. Pull back in those hands, get up off your fat arse and work for a living. Sheesh.
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  9. arceeguy

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    Unfortunately, those hands looking for a handout also pull levers in voting machines. So when you have politicians using class warfare to brainwash people into thinking the government can somehow punish the "rich" and make them pay their "fair share", the lefties win.

    Here in NJ, Obama will win. Why? I haven't a clue because the median income in NJ is pretty high, and we will be the ones to suffer the most from the tax increases. We've got lots of high paying "big pharma" companies here, "big oil" jobs, "wall street" financial sector jobs - yet the socialist will win. Go figure. All I can figure is that the people who have these high paying jobs are not voting, they are working and raising their families. The people with their hands out are the ones going to the voting booth. Voter apathy among "productive" citizens staggering. Hopefully, people will get off their butts and I will actually have to wait in line to vote this November.
  10. Then McCain needs to STOP the negativity and INVITE people to go to his website and TALK about his plan in an ad.

    What he's doing now is sheer suicide.

    I know people outside of the internet believe it or not!

    They say they are TIRED of the McCain ads.

    They will vote for Obama because they believe McCain is BUSH and McCain has NOTHING to say except that Obama is BAD.

    It's McCain's own fault for his choices. His choice for Palin for one. Then his pics hugging the President like Bush is his daddy. Then his choice to diss Letterman and go with Katie. Then the proposition to postpone the Debates so he can sit in a chair WITH OBAMA THERE TOO with the president to see what he can do to stir up the talks.

    It's his own fault.

    No one to blame but him.

    He wants to turn things around?

    STOP the bashings and lyings and generate a POSITIVE ad.

    That's what he needs to do.
  11. I think that maybe they actually see that putting more money into the middle class's hands will generate more REVENUE for them.
    More revenue means more economy means a way to get out of this recession.
    We are a get money spend money society. Even the ones that know how to save and have an understanding of the stock market (and lost a lot of money) are also bitter for current events because they now have to find work to supplement their loss at 65 years of age.
    Those that can save money in secured accounts and is still doing well in spite of the stock market is turning into a rare breed.
  12. arceeguy

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    LF - you're a great guy, but this whole notion of taking money and handing it to the "middle class" to generate more revenue is absurd. The theory is like some perpetual motion machine, think about it. Taking money from someone and handing it to someone else doesn't generate any revenue at all. The money actually loses value because of the overhead needed to take the wealth from someone and redistribute that money. The overhead is the government itself. (more government employees, that get paid by us taxpayers)

    How is raising MY taxes to lower someone else's taxes going to benefit ME or people like me? Please answer that question. There are many people in the top 10% category that do not own businesses.

    We need to lower taxes for EVERYONE, and since the top producers pay a disproportionately high percentage, they will see the greater dollar reductions. Libs like Obama have spun this into what they call "tax breaks for the rich" so they can create antipathy towards anyone who they see as having more. It is a very effective tactic.

    As far as "this recession" goes, this country is not and hasn't been in a recession. The perception of recession is a result of the news media needing bad news or an impending crisis to report. It has always been this way for as long as I can remember. Even when times were good, they were bad according to news broadcasts. They've been pounding this notion of recession for so long now, they have crushed consumer confidence to the point where real damage is being done. They wanted it because they want Obama to be elected so they can all be part of this "historic" moment when we elect the first black president. Too bad the guy is a socialist.

    McCain has it right. Lower the corporate tax rate to bring jobs back here to the USA by "leveling the playing field". It isn't an instant fix, but it will work - slowly but surely. Obama's "tax them more" philosophy WILL cause a recession and possibly a full blown depression. The last thing you want to do is raise taxes in an economic downturn.
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    I wonder how well one of us from this forum, riding around the country on a motorized bicycle would do if we ran for President. :grin:
  14. arceeguy

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    You might steal a few votes from Ralph Nader.
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    I didn't watch the debate, neither Osama or Mccain have a good figure or a great set of legs. The vice presidential debate...that one I'll watch.
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    Vote Kerf For President.
    Hello, I'm Kerf and I approved this message.
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    Shoot old Ralph might just back us
  18. TwoWalks

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    So Kerf, If I vote for you, whats in it for me :lol:
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    How about a home mortgage without any credit check, when you default, we'll pay it for you.