OC, CA - June 1st 10am: Crashing a Moped Ride Party!

Discussion in 'Races, Events & Group Rides' started by SchwinnAlloySeven_GT5, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Anyone in Orange County free tomorrow morning? Myron's Mopeds of Fullerton, CA are hosting a moped ride at 10am. Scooters and Motorcycles evidently welcome.


    Map: http://www.myronsmopeds.com/content/RideReports/NextEventMap.jpg

    The event starts down the street from me, so I plan on attending. I don't know if I'll stay the whole 43mile ride, as I might be pretty darn sore for the 20 mile ride to work the next day! But I'll definitely be running up to the lunch stop on Huntington Beach Pier.

    Anyone with me? :evil:
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  2. I'll be there in spirit. Remember your cape!
    You must tell the world of your joy.
    You must!!

  3. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    so how did it go? anyone show up did ya do it!
  4. Sorry about the long delay in reply!

    What happened was that I showed up for this "party" and immediately got dirty looks. One guy walked up to me and asked "what the **** is that?", so I told him. He asked me if it could run 30-35 sustained, and I replied in the affirmative. He then said "Well, you have no business wearing a bicycle helmet while riding with us then, we don't need more attention from the cops." and walked away.

    I would have rode away dejectedly, but I have too much fun while riding my freight train! :lol:
  5. motman812

    motman812 Member

    You must have talked to the wrong guy. I've found the guys at the Myron's Mopeds rides to be welcoming to all types of mopes. There was a guy with a nice job on a Point Beach with a Happy Times (matching gas tank and chain guard with Schwinn decals) at the last ride. When I brought my motored bike I couldn't keep up and bought a moped to join them. Now I ride both. Shawn who owns Myron's is very hospitable and interested in motored bikes.
  6. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    I haven't looked into it very much but I have detected some hostility on the part of the moped crowd toward us.

    And we all know that the bicycle purists look down on us, too.

    We're the unwanted, illegitimate step-child. We're descended from both, but neither one of them wants us.

    But they're both fools and we know it. So things don't really look so bad.
  7. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    i would feel like a dork on a moped.honestly.
  8. MotorBicycleRacing

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    There are some very cool hot rodded mopeds.....
    Some look like little cafe racers.
  9. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    CA law says you need to be wearing a DOT helmet when
    riding a Moped or a Motorized Bicycle so the guy was right.....I would have told you the same thing....

    Why would they want a motorcycle cop in HB pulling you out of the pack
    and making a scene because you aren't wearing the right helmet?

    There are organized bicycle rides down the river trails and one condition
    of you riding is that you wear a bicycle helmet even though CA law does
    not require it if you are over 18.

    You don't want to comply then don't screw it up for the MoPed guys...

    I realize that this is an old thread from last year but did you have a CA moped
    plate on your bicycle?
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  10. motman812

    motman812 Member

    You're right, motored bikes are somewhere in between but legally they're mopeds so I have a license plate and wear a DOT half helmet ($45 from Walmart). I ride both my motored bike and my moped and each is a different experience; you buy a moped but you build a motored bike. We crashed the Whizz-In at the Sacramento Delta last month and had a great time. Don't worry what other people think. Have fun (and be safe).