Hey all,

I'm from OC, California. I was riding back from the beach, bodyboard in a bag on my back (it's much easier with the onshores pedaling back) when I caught up with a guy who had both a gas motor and an electric motor in his hub. I slowed down and asked him what was up.

He clued me into the motor bicycle scene, and I went home, started clicking around and ended up on Craigslist. Found a local guy who was selling Grubee's (80cc's) for a little over $200. I bought it and installed it over a two day period. Well really a day and a half, and then putted around with it.

Then I found this site. I should have done that first, but I have been very happy with my install. I'm using a 10 year old mountain bike which I rode around quite a bit. I'm a little worried about something seizing and throwing me off. I take the motor out for 2-15 miles a day, trying to do the right thing breaking it in, but I am constantly worrying about something seizing and throwing me. I've never had anything 2 wheels which was powered by anything other than my legs.

The biggest problem I've had is the chain tensioner. No matter how much I tightened it up, it would end up slipping and the chain would bind right around the engine sprocket. It actually got so bad that it blew a little chunk of metal from the top cover of the sprocket. At that point I went to my local Ace's and bought a bolt and washer, installed that so that the tensioner couldn't slide down (I would post pictures but I don't have a digital) and I haven't had any problems so far. It has only been about a week though.

A couple of issues I've had:

Most of my noise seems to be coming from the heavy chain and where I ride I really don't want to piss off the natives.
Would a lighter chain from Dax help that?
I was thinking about just carrying around a pliers to take out the master link when I just want to pedal. Anyone have any other idea?

That's about it. I hope this thing lasts for another couple of months. I'm having fun.

Oh yeah, because this is an introduction, I'm 37, recently divorced (so I don't have the same permission problems that many on this board seem to have), and I'm a teacher. So I'm just having fun this summer.


go you good thing

Welcome :D

I would take the top of the points on the front sproket.

In my instructions it said to do that as the point is too long and will hit the incoming link.

I have taken amout half of the bevel off on mine and it is quiet and have had no problem at all.

However I should not talk about this in the intro so please ignore the above!



Hi grakker and welcome to MBc! Funny i was the first half that got interested the other half followed lol! Good luck and happy motoring! :)