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Plenty of power. just sold to friend in need of transpo


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Hot Dog Piggy Tails


This Bike was purchaed from a Friend in a pair. Mens and Womens. The bike said power me. My Neighbor called me over and said Ya know I've seen you building these Motor Bikes and I think I have just the thing for you. I said well yeah OK. I went in with him to check it out and it was this bike underneath a drop of some sort. I said whiew looks like it'd be a tight fit. Took a measurement ..Thanked god he was'nt a closet Killer, and said Ill take it. Bought the Womens a week later.

I had ordered a 60cc and 70cc Tiger Brand and Speedster branders from Jim at CJR and decided the 70cc'er would be Hella sufficient. and oh buddy was it. After installing it I seen an old friend (Fishin bud) down at the local mInute mart and he asked about the Army Messinger(43') and said he was in the market and I told him I had just got done with this one and he said ILL TAKE IT IF IT RUNS GOOD meet me at the house. I said no prob ..So I did .. He took it for a spin and said Ill take it. Hed been asking me to build one for him when I had seen him 4 mo. before thats one of the reasons I got started building these.

Took me a while to put this one up. Sorry! Oh new Rivets on the Fenders with Jbweld for anti rattle.