OCC Candy Red Chopper 4 sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Grunt62, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Hi all

    I am thinking of selling the well engineered candy red fat back wheel OCC Type chopper. The bike has a 66cc Grubee motor with less than 10 kilometres of easy riding since being installed from new, as I built it for my son but he was always worried he would get pulled over by the cops so he only rode it on a few occasions.

    Both front and back brakes are operated from the one leaver for maximum braking and not interfering with clutch leaver operation. I have up graded the throttle to a motor bike one as the one provided with the motor kits are cheep plastic **** and jam on full throttle after a short time.
    I don't think you can buy these coppers any more as I have searched the net and could not find one any where, so these choppers may become an appreciating asset.
    I have no set price in mind but the first realistic offer might get a new chopper.

    The bike is in Adelaide so if you would like it to go interstate, you organize and I might be able to drop it at the truck stop.


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