Occ Chopper Bike Size Confusion

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  1. Im really interested in building a occ chopper bike since reading about them here and seeing them on youtube,heck i even bought a mount for one already and dont even have a bike.What an idiot. My buddy got one at a rummage sale and after sitting on it today i dont know if it for me or not. Its pretty small and Id have to alternate my knees as to which way i was turning so i wouldnt hit them..It has the 20 rear and 24 front size tires. I could have sworn my sons friend had one that was a 26 front wheel cause it looked kinda strange with such a difference in tire heights. Ive seen the one xl that crazy horse has and ive researched the internet and the occ xl ive seen on there was different than crazy horses. I love the look of that back tire. Chopper usa sells a 24 x 4 wheel that i think would look crazy cool on there frame but havent seen a picture of complete bike and its expensive as all get out. Could you guys with the occ bikes give pics and dimensions of bikes please.. Heck ive got 3 other bikes im doing the last thing i need is another project but i cant get that huge back wheel off my mind. It makes the 24x3 tire on my mooneyes and ratfink chopper bike projects look like rubber band.

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    the occ choppers are 20" frames. the stock front wheel is a 24" x 2.10", and the rear is a 20" x 4.0".
    now if you get the schwinn spoiler chopper, which looks similar to the occ chopper, it is a much bigger bike.
    i'm not positive but i think the spoiler comes with s 26" front wheel and a 24" rear wheel, but i do not think the rear tire is 4" wide.
    the schwinn spoiler is labeled as an adult size chopper.
    I have a standard 20" occ chopper, and it fits me just fine but i'm a little guy (i am 5'6 and weigh 150 lbs).
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    Yeah, i have an OCC and it's real small, i put a quality fork and fron wheel with Avid BB5 brakes but no way would i pedal this, i just put foot pegs on it.

    Giant makes an adult chopper also, but the schwinn OCC's are small..
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    well, i was wrong about the schwinn spoiler chopper. it too has a 24" front wheel and a 20 inch rear wheel. but it does have the 4" wide rear tire, same as the occ does.
    the spoiler is a longer frame, not sure if it's taller or not. the seat appears to be further back from the handlebars for more leg room.
    my 8 year old son has an occ chopper, and he can peddle it and ride it with ease, but the occ bikes were generally made for kids 8-13 years old (depending on their size).
    I could peddle my occ chopper if i had to, but i just use the peddles for foot rests 99% of the time.
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    Occ chopper size

    I have the standard small occ. I dealt with the knee room problem by using ape hanger handle bars and switching that butt splitting seat out for a solo seat from Rusty Riders LLC. I cut the seat post off the original seat pan and put a piece of 3/4 inch water pipe inside it with a wrap or aluminum flashing from Home Depot as a shim. I reworked the Solo seats mount to hinge at the front which is then pinned to the seat post. It takes some experimenting to figure out the whole mount. I then added struts down to the frame from the back of the seat. Next winter project is to use front suspension forks to replace those struts for a smoother ride. I don't have a good pic of the seat arrangement but have attatched on so you can see the seat struts and ape hangers.

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    wow, you have A LOT of stuff on there!
    I like my seats to sit as low as possible, but i'm small so i can get away with it.
    yes, the stock occ seats are terrible.
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    Yeah, looks like arkives1 has a lot of stuff on his bike, but he's got the right stuff, no over kill. Looks like he has all the required stuff to make it legal and safe with all the proper lighting. Good looking bike by all means !
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    yeah but wow...it looks like too much stuff to me.
    i'm so glad that i don;t have to worry about all that legal mumbo-jumbo stuff.
    I like to keep my bikes as bare bones as possible. too much stuff takes away from the overall look of the bike.
    I have lights on my bikes too, but they are subtle (headlights and tail lights)