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    Hey guys..ENO (Down Under)..I think I need a quicker way to see how the OCC CHOPPERS are coming along. The probs, the pics ,the help, the ride. Post your gear here and and lets see how cool and crazy the bike can really look..Our first entry is our "SKULL BIKE"..which evolved though trying to make it look unique..Give us your pics and comments to build this thread to checkout each others progress and weird ways you make it YOUR bike...SHOW US YOUR BIKE...See ya ENO (Oz)....See my ALBUM for the rest of the chopped up ideas

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    hey i love all the details you've done to your skull bike,way cool! but i really dont see the big fasination with these occ choppers.
    imo they gotta be one of the ugliest bikes currently roaming the streets, and those goofy looking seats just rub me the wrong way (literally)

    if ya don't mind me asking what is it you like so much about the occ choppers?
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    Hey ICY Do you wear glasses and you cant find them ? Its the shape, its the way they sit on the road. they are so much more fun to chop than a mountain bike ..However you do like it in some way..it tweaks your vision..it makes you want to look at it..BUT..when you ride it you feel like twenty other riders are behind you watching everybody else wishing they had one..Each to his own crazy designs (in bikes...and life)..watch this space..see ya ENO (Oz)
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    ICY, how old are you ? I don't know how anyone that grew up with Schwinn Crates and Stingrays could not like the Choppers. Check out the attached photo. 3 Schwinns from 3 different eras. I lucked up and found this new old stock OCC Chopper about 2 months ago. I jumped on iot like a duck on a June Bug. Have no intentions of putting a motor on it. Just wanted it for the vintage nostalgic look. Eno has one of my favorite bikes on this forum. As they say, if you've never owned one, you really wouldn't understand ! Hey, we're all cool with each other here. No offense taken or given. At least not from me !

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