OCC Chopper Build

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    On 1 June, my treasured motorbike was stolen. Never got a credible lead. Vanished. It was heartbreaking. I rode that thing everyday.

    That's bad enough, but it left me with nothing motorbike wise. No good frame. No good carb or CDI. No wheels. No nothing. I have to start from scratch.

    This past weekend, I got lucky and found one of the old Schwinn OCC chopper frames in a dirty old garage. Only cost me $50.

    I have no money for this so I can only address one problem at a time. The frame requires the engine to be offset to the left. I have plans for an offset motor mount I can make for $20.

    The rear tire is shot. I am hoping to score a used Harley Davidson tire (Dunlop D 402) that I am told will fit the super wide rim. I am lucky that the front triple tree has a V-brake set up so maybe I can avoid rigging a disk brake on the front.

    The saddle is shot: missing rivets, torn cover and torn foam. That's a project in and of itself.

    The rear v-brake is in the worst place but there are many ways I can keep the motor chain away from it. Until I get my rear tire, I won't know what size sprocket to run. My ideal would yield 30 mph @ 7000 RPM.

    Not sure what China Girl engine I will go with but I have to have a dellorto clone carb. It will be a while until I can scrape up some money to actually do all this.

    Ride on!