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    I live in Cross Plains, Texas and I am new at putting motors on bicycles. I have 3 OCC Choppers that I want to put motors on. I bought 3 motors off Ebay for buyer ducaticvcc and they are JUNK. They are the cheapest price I could find on the Internet and I can see why. I joined this forum to find out more about what motors to put on the OCC Choppers. If anyone has any information I would be interested. Thanks

  2. depends on what you want 2 or 4 stroke. friction or chain. etc. and that all depends on frame sizes gear types etc
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    I am not familiar with that vendor. Dosen't seem to be a major diffrence among HT motors. The only engine that stood out as far as noticeable quality was (red bat). Several vendors on e-bay offer them. If the engine recieve does not have the red bat logo on the box, then it is not.

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    welcome ! :D
  5. welcome to Motoredbikes!