OCC chopper forks?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by ZipSnipe, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. ZipSnipe

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    Has anyone tried using OCC chopper forks on a beach cruiser or mountain bike frame?

  2. srgannon

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    It will probably work if wheel size matches OCC chopper
  3. retromike3

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    chopper forks

    the main problem with chopper forks is the "flop" that goes when you try to turn them. if the bike is set up to handle that type of head angle then you still have problems. My bike is a old Giant Mt bike frame that had the opposite problem its head angle was too steep and I fixed it with an extra long fork which brought it back to the standard 70 to 71 degree head angle. Old mountain bikes had around 68 degree head angle and newer road bikes have over 74 if you go beyond that you will have problems.

    If you put a really long fork on a bike it will raise the bottom bracket to high and also make the bike unstable. There is a small area in a bike frame that is a stable and fun to ride. You get out of that area and things go bad fast. They have been building bicycles for over a hundred years and the basic design has not changed that much for a reason