Occ Chopper Motor Mount Drawings

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    Gee Tom..I hope I am not going to get my **** kicked for this thread but I didnt really know where to place it..Thought this was the safest forum..Was going to go to Frame Mounted Drive Trains but thought I would play it safe.

    I have drawn up all the dimensions and plans and supplied pics in my album for the motor mount I built for a Stingray Chopper as no one seems to have added them to the forum in the past and there are many Stingray owners placing questions all over MBc or trying to chase Barry Ebay (and paying money) so I thought these would help out those who prefer to build their own. I would have liked to add them to this as an attachment but being a fresh Newbee I havent quite worked out how to add them to this page...DOOF

    If anyone wants them they can go to ENO / ALBUMS and they are all there.
    Just in case I might get that kick in the **** I have inserted a large babies nappy to soften the impact and prevent any further cracks that may appear in my anatomy...ENO