OCC Chopper motorized w/66 cc engine $550

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    I have way too many $$ in this one. Bike has big saddle seat, raised and moved back a bit, Engine is set up with pull start and centrifugal clutch. Ape hanger handlebars. Fully functional headlight (4 watt LED) turnsignals and tail/brake light. Front and rear caliper brakes on a dual pull brake on right handle bar Rear wheel is set up with 5 speed derailleur, shifting on handlebar, left side thumb shifter. Pedals already widened for engine. I'll include parts for remounting engine for shift kit and include the parts needed for the jackshaft. Currently set up as a single speed with 41 tooth rear sprocket. Does about 25-30 mph. Bike is a real attention getter and gets lots of thumbs up when I ride. I can no longer ride this bike much as a back injury will not take the stiff ride. I'm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and sorry I cannot ship this one. Interested parties feel free to email or private message me here. Thanks! Larry

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