Jackshaft OCC Jackshaft Kit

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    I've done my search already. And can not find the info I looking for
    I've already built one OCC bike with 2 stroke engine with drive chain on the left side. I like runs good. I used the OCC XLARGE frame. Fits my 6 ft body just about right. I am Look to do the next bike, a occ again, but with the jack shaft kit for right side drive. Who on here have done a OCC bike with a jack shaft kit? Who has the best kit that will work with the OCC bike? I am concerned about the bottom bracket. That the kit comes with the parts needed for the bottom bracket? Or which kit works with just buying a small amount of extra parts. Any help would be extremely helpful. Thanks. Ride safe. :cool::dunce:

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    Come on people. You can not tell me that no one on here has not installed a jackshaft on a OCC. Or knows some one that has and can give me some information? :ack2
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    Hey, I'm interested in this topic and was getting ready to reply but then I thought I should probably ask if you have possibly solved this question yet? It didn't seem like anyone on this forum had any ideas (or maybe you just scared them all away with your second post.. :) LOL